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  1. optimal

    Are you logged in? Are you getting an error message? We need more details if we are going to help you...
  2. Optimal Lineups

    Some real nice details here "Mully" The NFL Regular season was nothing but profitable even with careless contest selection and bankroll management. NHL & NBA have been very solid so far as well so I'm going to go ahead and shoot down your "few months of awful" theory right fricking now. Sell bullshit somewhere else fella
  3. Lineup Forcaster

    Who was not in there? There will be an update on Sunday morning about 3 hours before the games start...
  4. No Game Recaps for Week 13

    I like Mitchell a real lot. If you remember, I was really into him this summer as he had a tremendous camp. The Patriots using him as an outside receiver though shows me that they really believe in him and his last two performances really cement that for me and I'm sure Brady/Belichick as well. He should be on a roster in every league at this point and is a low end WR3 or high end WR4 moving forward.
  5. No Game Recaps for Week 13

    Just an FYI to all of you who read my NFL Game Recaps every week. There will be no recaps for Week 13 due to an insane week of travel and preparation for me. ANYTHING that you want to know PLEASE feel free to hit me up on these forums or on Twitter for my thoughts on any topic. I will have time to answer more questions than usual thanks to sitting in airports and coast to coast flights. I apologize for any inconvenience.
  6. Trade Questions

    Take the deal for Hyde Yeah I like this deal for you very much. Do it!!
  7. Trade Questions

    I would NOT do this deal...just not getting enough to replace the consistency IMO
  8. DFS NFL Playbook Question

    Hey is the schedule for DFS NFL: Tuesday Night: QB Coach (Ray Flowers) Wednesday: RB Coach (Ted Schuster) Thursday: WR Coach (Howard Bender) Late Thursday Night: DFS NFL Rankings (Jeff Mans) Friday: Ownership Forecaster (Staff) & TE Coach (Steve Pimental) Late Friday Night: DFS NFL Playbook (Jeff Mans) Saturday: DST Coach (Brett Talley) & DFS NFL Optimal Lineups (Jeff Mans)
  9. Your a joke in hockey

    yeah're an idiot, your Grandmother sucks and nobody beats our squad in hockey. Stop listening to 8 people on Twitter and pay attention to the world around you.
  10. Minn Coaching Change

    I don't think that the coaching change will progress Treadwell's status in the Vikings won't hurt. If you are in a redraft league there is absolutely no reason to bother with him. For dynasty leagues, he is only worth holding in a larger league or ideally a taxi squad.
  11. R Wilson

    No way you should be keeping Russell Wilson in this situation. Yes, make that deal for Big Ben and chop Wilson immediately.
  12. Rant of alifetime!

    I am being told that they are going to put a chunk of the rant up On Demand tomorrow morning. They seriously have to clear it with both the sales department and the legal team though first (since DK is a sponsor of the station). We do things the right way here and I am sick and tired of these other DFS companies trying to tell us and strong-arm us and our members by censoring us. Wait until I unload the story of how our partnership with DKTV went south...WHOA!! LOL.....
  13. Week 7 Start/Sit Questions

    Meredith and West
  14. Week 7 Start/Sit Questions

    Pick up somebody better like Mike Gillislee, Mike James or Shaun Draughn. Of this group though I would go with Pitta and Coates. Ingram and Howard in a standard league Roll with both the KC guys Ware & Charles
  15. Week 7 Start/Sit Questions

    You have to take McCoy out now most likely but I would roll with Crabtree as your FLEX. Hoyer for sure This is a REAL tough decision and one that I am facing myself in multiple leagues. But I am going to stick with Hopkins despite the matchup. Every time you bench your studs it comes back to haunt you.