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  1. Do I veto this trade?

    There was a trade accepted today in my league and it goes through Tuesday unless I veto it. It is a 12 team keeper league. Players can be kept next season 3 rounds earlier than they were drafted this season. One of the teams is in 11th place and posted last week that he is looking towards next year. The other team is in 7th place. The 11th place team is trading away Dez Bryant and A.J. Green and getting Marvin Jones and Kenny Stills. Kenny Stills would be a 10th round keeper next season and Marvin Jones would be a 7th. Dez and A.J. are not eligible to be kept next season as they were both drafted in the first 3 rounds this season. I don't see enough value to justify making the deal. Am I projecting too much of my own values into it? Am I missing something? I am leaning toward letting it go through but I have already heard from other league members voicing their objection. Thanks for any opinions and help.
  2. WR decision for tonight

    In a standard league. Do I play Jeffery tonight or Tate on Sunday?
  3. RB add/drops

    I have Terrance West and Elijah Mcguire on my bench. Eddie Lacy, Thomas Rawls, and Alex Collins are on the wire. Should I drop either/both of my bench guys to pick up any of the ones on the wire? Thanks.
  4. restart membership

    I put my membership on hold until the beginning of March but I would like to start it up again now instead. When I go to manage subscriptions there is nothing there. How do I restart my membership early or do I just have to wait until March?
  5. Week 14 Start/Sit Questions

    Need 3 WR in standard league and have Crabtree and Tyreek Hill so I need quick advice. Also have Cobb, Michael Thomas, and Brandon LaFell. Which 3 of those 5 should I start? Thanks.
  6. Pick up Duke?

    No, 5 bench spots, but I have Tom Brady on the bench as well. I know, too many players that need handcuff combined with a short bench.
  7. Pick up Duke?

    I am in a 12 team PPR and someone just dropped Duke Johnson. I have Charles/Ware, Freeman/Coleman and Rashad Jennings as my RB's. My bottom WR's are Vincent Jackson and Kelvin Benjamin. Is it worth dropping any of those for Duke? Thanks for the input.
  8. I am in a 1 pt. PPR league with bonus points for high yardage(100 yds. +) and have the following trade to consider. I would give up Mike Evans, Devonta Freeman, and Tevin Coleman and get back Eric Decker, Latavius Murray, and Duke Johnson. What do you think? Comments appreciated. Thanks. I have Julio Jones and Arian Foster as my other starters at those positions.
  9. Need 3 keepers. Help appreciated.

    I am in a 12 team league that allows up to 3 keepers. It is 1/2 point PPR as well as 1/2 point for a first down. 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, and 2 Flex. I have the following 4 players that I am trying to decide on. Mark Ingram in the 4th round, Jordan Matthews in the 8th, Latavius Murray in the 9th, and Kelvin Benjamin in the 13th. I am fairly certain about Ingram and Benjamin but I am going back and forth between Murray and Matthews. All thoughts welcome. Thanks.