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  1. Keeper Strategy

    Is there a limitation on how long you can keep a player? Also interested in how many teams are in this league. Regardless it doesn't seem like there's necessarily a losing situation. If it's an absolute lock that you'll get Barkley at 7 then you can go that route if you value having a long-term stud RB with the legs of a horse. But if you keep Odell you should be able to target a few other young running backs with you next couple picks. The only way this turns disastrous is if the Giants player you opt to go with gets hurt.
  2. Need “more”. Piscotty, Winker, or Choo

    I'd still probably prefer Choo out of those three. If you feel you need to make a change I'd understand making the switch to Piscotty. Wouldn't drop Choo for Winker though.
  3. I'd grab Yates if you still can. He very well might be traded, but for the time being you should grab him.
  4. Trades

    lol That guy can keep trying, but I would not give up Baez and Bauer for that group.
  5. Trades

    For the first one, I think you're giving up a bit too much especially with Baez. I'd prefer to hang on to him if I were you. The second one is an okay offer, but I still think in the 2-for-4 deal you're giving up too much. Catcher is such a tough position to fill and Realmuto's actually having a good year in a bad lineup and bad ballpark. How is your SS position looking?
  6. Cain -> Arrietta trade

    I wouldn't do it. Arrieta's been awful his last three starts and he doesn't have much strikeout upside. Would rather keep Cain.
  7. Pitcher

    I'd give Heaney the slight edge.
  8. I might choose Muncy. He's been hitting the ball really well lately and he has some multi-positional eligibility. As far as who you can drop? I'd probably pick Michael Fulmer.
  9. Should I drop any of these guys Cano, Kingham or Freddy Peralta?

    I can't imagine Kingham will be a highly sought after starting pitcher, unless you're in a super deep league. If I was to drop any of those guys it would be him.
  10. Which Pitcher should I Trade

    Kind of a tough question to answer. Are there any areas you could use help in? How's the rest of your rotation looking? Is this points/H2H categories/roto? For whatever reason, Arrieta's been solid so far, but his strikeouts are WAY down so he loses value in points. Rodriguez, on the other hand, has been worse but his K/9 rate is nearly twice that of Arrieta's. Arrieta will get you a bigger haul just based on name recognition, but I'd only trade him if you have other strong pitchers on your squad.
  11. Do I make this 4 person trade?

    Yeah I still don't think I would do it. I know Goldy's been AWFUL to start the year and he hasn't HR'd in almost a month. But I'd rather wait until he comes around. He's 30% K-rate is higher than normal, but it'll likely regress back to roughly the 22% it normally is and the power and hits will come back. I know the humidor has some people running scared, but he's still an elite hitter.
  12. Do I make this 4 person trade?

    Who would be your 1B if you dealt Goldy away?
  13. trade question

    If you could land Severino or Cole for one of those guys I'd recommend doing it considering you have a ton of ground to gain in ERA. First base has been awful to start the year so if you can land an ace pitcher you can do that. If you need help with Saves then target the TOR bullpen on waivers. It's unclear how long the Roberto Osuna assault investigation will carry on, but they have a few guys that could be in line for saves.
  14. Do I make this 4 person trade?

    I wouldn't want to give up on Kershaw yet especially in a points league. Any chance James McCann is available on Waivers to be your catcher?
  15. Should I trade cueto for romero

    If someone's willing to part with Romero for Cueto then go for it. Cueto won't be back until June 28th at the earliest so if you are desperate early on in the season you can try and make that move. Just be aware Romero's been hot, but he does have a serious problem with walks.