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  1. What are your thoughts for this one? I would be shocked if Roman doesn't win, but Strowman is the best thing going right now. On the woman's side, I think Bliss deserves the belt at mania, but Sasha seems the one being pushed lately, and I don't mind her winning if she fully terns heel.
  2. DraftKings NFL Single Game

    Howard and Brandon spoke about the game last night on facebook live. Hope this helps
  3. NBA lineup for tonight Ben. 1/8/18

    Prefer Harrell over Skal if you have the extra $100. Like the mini combos though
  4. Playoff League

    Hi Jerry. I'm not sure, but Howard just did one and posted it on twitter which would provide you with a guide.
  5. Export Lineups

    Sorry, it is not available at this time, but will be in the future
  6. NBA 1/1 Thoughts

    Happy New Year’s! With only four games tonight, and possibly some very tired players, below is a quick positional breakdown. Example Lineups will be posted later today. The Magic vs Nets game is my top target tonight, as both of their first two games this season went for over 240 total points. Good luck! Guards: Damian Lillard is a game-time decision tonight, and his game vs the Bulls starts 30 minutes after roster lock. If lucky, we may have an update right before roster lock. If out Shabazz Napier would be a top option. To avoid all of this, Tyus Jones is your best, and should be, a pretty popular option tonight. Teague played on their Christmas Day matchup, but Tyus hit for 22 Dk points in only 15 minutes. He’s starting now, and makes for a solid play. If paying up, I do prefer Kris Dunn over Elfrid Payton and Kyle Lowry at the PG spot, but in addition to Jones and Napier, the Lakers provide some nice value options. They do have one of the later start times, and may change things up slightly after a long, double OT game last night, but hard to ignore Tyler Ennis and Josh Hart’s value. Tyler Ennis received the start last night, and put up 45 DK points in 45 minutes. He’s still minimum price across the board. Hart played 37 minutes, and produced 39 points. Both are much cheaper than Jordan Clarkson, who only played 21 minutes last night. Maybe Walton decided to save at least one player tonight, as Clarkson went for 42 DK points on Christmas vs the T-Wolves. I’ll look to have exposure to all three tonight. If looking to go away from Hart on FD, or use some mid-priced options on DK, I like both Evan Fournier and Carls LeVert tonight. Fournier has put together solid back to back games now, and is averaging 45.5 DK points in two games vs the Nets this year. On the opposite side of the court, LeVert has at least 37 DK points in three straight games after failing to hit at least 30 over his previous six games. If looking to pay up, I prefer Khris Middleton slightly more than DeMar DeRozan over Cj McCollum. Forwards: Jimmy Butler is still SG only on DK, and will likely be going cheap at the guard spot there. On FD though, I like him more than fully paying up for Giannis Antetokounmpo tonight. Giannis fared well in the playoff vs the Raptors this year, but the addition of Bledsoe and Middleton has been keeping him from really paying off his $11K price tag. Butler went for 45 FD points vs the Lakers on Christmas, and only need 26 minutes last night to score 48 FD points vs the Pacers. On both sites, I like Aaron Gordon tonight, and believe many others will feel the same. He’s coming off a big, 39 actual, 55 DK point game vs the Heat over the weekend, and went for 41 actual in his only game vs the Nets this year. In the game he sat, Vuc went for 41. After those tow, the forward options look to be wide open. Depending on how you see the Lakers tired legs playing out, I’d rather focus on the cheaper options in Julius Randle , Larry Nance Jr, and Corey Brewer, over the not 100% Kyle Kuzma and Brandon Ingram. Randle blasted off for over 35 DK points in the first half alone last night, while Brewer played his most minutes since October 20th last night, producing 24.5 Dk points. Nance Jr only played 18 minutes last night, and will be a top option if the Lkaers choose to rest any of their bigs. I’m not too big on the Blazers vs Bulls game tonight, but Nikola Mirotic makes for a nice pivot option off of the top options if paying up, while Hollis-Jefferson, and Taj Gibson are also in play. Taj went 11-13 vs them last week vs the Lakers, good 23 actual, and 36 DK points. Center: I’ll be focusing most on Karl-Anthony Towns and Bismack Biyombo most at the center spot tonight. I believe you can save enough salary at the guard spot to roll with Towns and Butler tonight from the T-Wolves. Towns went 21 and 10 vs the Lakers on Christmas, and although he is averaging 1.6 blocks per game this year, Towns has at least four in three of his last four games. I don’t think Biyombo will go for 40 plus actual tonight, but he’s playing at least 30 minutes as a starter, and has back to back double doubles that each went for over 32 DK points. Jusuf Nurkic would be the pivot option if Lillard sites, and Randle is a center only on FD. With Ibaka back, I think Jonas is a pivot off of Randall on DK only tonight.
  7. Gpp lineup

    I like it, but not a huge Dirk fan. Could drop Oladipo to cheaper to upgrade him, but PF is not great so who roll with it if your gut says Dirk
  8. Starting five

    I think if going after the freeroll, then your T-Wolves stack will separate you. Don't want to talk you out of that idea. I did a quick glance and a Gordon, Kuzma, and Love combo leaves you with enough to take a top G and F spot. Will likely have to wait until that day for injury updates though.
  9. Starting five

    Haven't fully looked at that slate yet, but may want to look at a more stars and scrubs approach with plenty of big names playing. Having said that, plenty of people will likely not have as much exposure to the late game.
  10. Burkhead or Drake?

    Tough one since it's so close. I would go Burkhead Good lick!
  11. Fanduel Question

    Hello. The double and triple ups for me are more considered cash games. The 5X and larger contests I would lean more towards gpp.
  12. How many lineups on Sunday

    The answer to your questions should be different for each person based on their goals and bankrolls. To answer your question though, I typically would make one cash lineup, and a few gpp's if playing a slate. The cash lineup would also be entered in gpp's. I like single entry or three entry max type gpp's. Figure out what works best for you though.
  13. NBA 11/17

    Ibaka is out tonight which puts Siakam in play. Hood has been named the starter for Rubio, and makes for a top value plat tonight.
  14. 50/50 vs Tourney on FanDuel

    If you are seeing many of the same players in your cash games there, then suggest trying fanball or draftkings. I agree that cash games are not as fun to play on FD
  15. 50/50 vs Tourney on FanDuel

    I think last night, Embiid was probably on more gpp lineups than cash games, which would have made the scores that way. I do agree that the cash game scores can be higher than the gpp's a few times a week. I can't tell you to go and play at one site over another, but best advice is to play on the sites and enter contests you feel most comfortable with, or winning the most.