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    2 keeper league ..2 rb, 1 qb, 2 wr, 1 flex, 1 te...PPR Beckham is my only legit keeper I have picks 7 (Beckham if I keep him). Thinking about dropping Beckham, taking S. Barkley at 7, and Devante Adams, or equivalent WR at 19. Thoughts?
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    Joey Wendle, not weddle, sorry.
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    I have baez, Eduardo nunez, and waddle as my middle infielders. I also have Grandal at catcher. I javw verlander, manaea, Skaggs, strasburg, nova, leake, wacha and lyles as SP and Boxberger, knebel, and hughes as RP. The guy who offered the first also sent an offer of baez, Flaherty and Bauer for greinke McCutchen, Reynaldo Lopez, and Dozier.