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Fantasy Alarm Big Game Challenge LV

Fantasy Alarm Big Game Challenge LV

Welcome to the Big Game Challenge LIV. Make your selections to each question about what will happen in the Big Game on Sunday, February 2nd. Whoever successfully makes the most correct selections will win CASH!

Lifetime members get 2x Cash Prizes!

Standings are official. Official Super Bowl Attendance is what is reported by Google - 24,835.

Fun answers: (1) Anthem was over 1:52; (2) Number of songs at halftime was eight; (3) First song was Starboy; (4) Number of commercials with people in masks was two (Ford and Star Energy); (5) First animal was a dog in Doritos commercial with Matthew McConaughey (big bird does not count); (6) First car was Cadillac (GM) ad with Will Ferrell/Keenan Thompson; (7) First beer was Bud Light; (8) Attendance was 24,835.

Prizes - 1st $175 Visa Gift Card, 2nd $175 Visa Gift Card, 3rd $50 Visa Gift Card, 4th Fantasy Alarm Hoodie, 5th - 7th Fantasy Alarm Fitted Hat

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