Oakland Athletics

The Athletics come in with an implied team total set at 4.71 and are getting a nice positive park shift being away from home. They are facing off against Jake Odorizzi , who is giving up 1.54 HR/9 to lefties and 1.00 HR/9 to righties this season. Odorizzi is also giving up a 48% fly ball rate to lefties and a 46% fly ball rate to righties, showing he can be very home run prone. We are dealing with a large 14-game slate, so we shouldn’t have to deal with too much ownership centered on one team, so really like Oakland tonight. They have plenty of hitters in this lineup with power upside and they make a nice pivot off of Coors Fields bats. Matt Olson .317 ISO. Khris Davis .312 ISO. Matt Chapman .239 ISO. Chad Pinder .225 ISO. Jed Lowrie .212 ISO.

Atlanta Braves

The Braves are facing off against Dan Straily , who is a fly ball pitcher, but this is a bit of a pitcher’s park, so we have a unique spot. We all know that the Braves have plenty of power bats in their lineup, but is this the spot for them? Straily is giving up 1.51 HR/9 to lefties this season and 1.80 HR/9 to righties this season, from a 34% fly ball rate to lefties and a 46% fly ball rate to righties. If you are into storylines, there is a bit of bad blood between the two teams with hitting players, so if you want to jump on the Braves, who are looking for continued revenge and in the middle of a playoff race, this is the spot. Ronald Acuna .290 ISO. Charlie Culberson .245 ISO. Ozzie Albies .197 ISO. Freddie Freeman .182 ISO. Nick Markakis .141 ISO. 

Washington Nationals

The Nationals have a negative park shift against them, but they are facing off against one of the worst pitchers in the league, Jason Vargas , who you want to stack against any chance you get. The Nationals have an implied run total set at 4.79, which should tell you how truly bad is Vargas is, considering this is a great pitcher’s park. Even though the Nationals have let go of a few players, they still have power at the top of their lineup, which is where you want to stack them up. Vargas is giving up 1.88 HR/9 to lefties and 2.23 HR/9 to righties. Those are some terrible numbers this season, so we want to jam in some Nats hitters. Ryan Zimmerman .310 ISO. Anthony Rendón .277 ISO. Juan Soto .263 ISO. Bryce Harper .214 ISO. Trea Turner .139 ISO.