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Welcome back to the fantasy baseball injury report after a short hiatus during the week of the All Star Game.  Speaking of the mid-summer classic, today’s edition of the walking wounded is littered with star players whose absences are likely wreaking havoc on your fantasy baseball teams.  Let’s get right down to business (that’s what she said).

Troy Tulowitzki (SS-COL)

There are a few things that are guaranteed in life: death, taxes, and an annual Troy Tulowitzki injury.  It took a little longer than normal, but Tulowitzki is currently out with a cramp in his left thigh.  It does not look like he will need a stint on the disabled list which is obviously good news for fantasy GM’s.  But it is extremely worrisome that he does have this leg injury since he is one of the most valuable fantasy players in the league with a .339 batting average, 21 home runs, 52 RBI and 71 runs scored.

Yasiel Puig (OF-LAD)

Cuban phenom Yasiel Puig was hit by a pitch on his left hand last Saturday and has missed the last few games as a result.  X-rays came back negative so he should return to the lineup any day now.  The Dodgers will be understandably cautious with their star outfielder, but there is no reason to think he will have any type of extended absence.  Expect him back in the lineup by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Hanley Ramirez (SS-LAD)

Hanley Ramirez also sustained a hand injury after getting hit by a pitch twice in last Sunday’s game.  X-rays on his left hand came back negative which is a positive development.  He will probably miss another game or two depending on how his hand feels.  It doesn’t look like a trip to the DL is in his future, but you may have to deal with him on the bench in the immediate future.

George Springer (OF-HOU)

George Springer has burst onto the scene and provided fantasy GM’s with an incredible source of power and run production.  However, the likely Rookie of the Year missed Sunday’s game with a sore quadriceps and could also miss another game or two depending on how cautious the Astros want to be.  The good news is that an MRI did not reveal any structural damage, so Springer should avoid a trip to the disabled list.  Plan on getting him back in your lineup by the middle of this week.

Justin Morneau (1B-COL)

Justin Morneau has enjoyed a renaissance season in Colorado batting .312 with 13 home runs and 60 RBI.  Unfortunately he has landed on the disabled list with neck stiffness (and no, a Viagara did not get stuck in his throat).  He had missed each game since participating in the Home Run Derby contest before the All Star Game, so chalk this up as another example of why fantasy GM’s should pray their players do not participate in the event.

Matt Cain (SP-SF)

Matt Cain has officially joined the list of players that I will never draft again.  After a terrible first half of 2013, he rebounded nicely in the second half to restore faith in his fantasy value coming into 2014.  Instead of rewarding fantasy GM’s for their faith, all he has done is spend three different stints on the disabled list with a wide variety of injuries to his finger, elbow and shoulder.  Oh, and when he has pitched he has absolutely sucked with a 2-7 record and a 4.18 ERA.  I can’t believe I am saying this, but don’t be afraid to cut Cain loose if you are limited with DL or reserve spots on your roster.

Eric Hosmer (1B-KC)

Eric Hosmer suffered a hand injury on Sunday and was subsequently scratched from the lineup on Monday.  The timing could not be any worse for fantasy GM’s who have been waiting for Hosmer to bust out.  This injury comes at a time when he is on a 16-game hitting streak which has brought his batting average all the way up to .272.  The power still hasn’t come around as he only has six home runs, but he was showing signs of being on the precipice for a big second half.  Fantasy owners should monitor his condition closely and hope that he is back in the lineup within another day or two.

Brandon Belt (1B-SF)

If you ever needed a reason to pay attention during practice or pre-game drills, then just look to Brandon Belt to understand why.  Belt was not paying attention during last Saturday’s pre-game drills when a ball was thrown towards him and hit him.  He had lingering dizziness and the Giants placed him on the seven-day concussion DL.  This was probably for the best as Belt was also dealing with a back injury.  It was supposed to be a breakout season for Belt, but instead he has spent most of 2014 on the disabled list.

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