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A lot can happen in just a couple days.  Since we last spoke, there have been a handful of significant injuries that have occurred which will naturally affect your fantasy baseball teams.  This edition of the walking wounded is a mixed bag of both hitters and pitchers because, let's face it, injuries are equal opportunity offenders.  Here is the April 10, 2014 edition of the Fantasy Baseball Injury Report.

Josh Hamilton (OF-LAA)

Just as fantasy baseball GM’s were starting to be convinced that the old Josh Hamilton was back (no, not the old Josh Hamilton that did drugs and was out of baseball…I mean the productive Josh Hamilton from his heyday on the Rangers), he goes and gets himself injured once again.  This time it was the ill-fated dive into first base maneuver that hardly works out well for anyone.  Hamilton injured his thumb and now requires surgery to repair a ligament which will keep him sidelined for 6-8 weeks.  This is a devastating blow to GM’s who likely got great value for Hamilton based on where he was drafted.  All of the progress he made in this first week of the season could be undone because a thumb injury will have a major impact on his ability to swing the bat.  Stash on your DL for now and hope for the best.  Oh and by the way, I was offered a trade proposal for Hamilton the day before he was injured.  It wasn’t a great deal and I made some counteroffers, but in the end I hung on to Hamilton.  Now I couldn’t even get F.P. Santangelo for him.

Adrian Beltre (3B-TEX)

There was a collective gasp amongst fantasy GM’s earlier this week when Adrian Beltre was taken out of the Rangers’ game and sent back to Texas for additional testing on his quad muscle.  Beltre had been dealing with a quad issue during spring training and it looks like it never fully healed.  This would be a huge loss to fantasy GM’s because Beltre is arguably the second best third baseman in fantasy baseball behind Miguel Cabrera.  Right now we don’t know whether Beltre will miss any additional time or if he will be in the lineup when the Rangers return home later this week.  Don’t panic yet, but be concerned because if this type of injury can get a lot worse if it isn’t properly rested and treated.

Matt Moore (SP-TB)

You can add Matt Moore to the lengthy list of pitchers who have had or will have Tommy John surgery this year.  Moore was taken out of his last start with elbow pain.  There is a small tear of his UCL in his pitching elbow.  While theoretically he can rest, rehab and hope to avoid surgery, the sad reality is that surgery is inevitable.  The Rays astutely signed him to a long-term contract to buy out his arbitration years, so he is still under a team-friendly deal.  I don’t see any other way this turns out that with Moore going under the knife and hoping to be back by the start of 2015.  For now, keep him on your DL until we have an official word that he is done for the season.

Mat Latos (SP-CIN)

Reds pitcher Mat Latos had off-season knee surgery and had been in the process of rehabbing his way back to Cincinnati.  However, he was scratched from his last Triple-A start due to elbow inflammation.  Initially this did not look good, but the Reds have indicated that it was not a big deal and would not set Latos back very much, if at all.  That very well may be true, but I am still concerned about this.  Latos is a power pitcher and likely had to alter some of his mechanics to compensate for the damage and repair done to his knee.  If he is suffering from inflammation in his elbow now, I would be worried whether this could progress into a bigger problem down the road.  If you drafted him then just keep him stashed on your DL because he won't be getting activated nearly as soon as we originally thought.

James Paxton (SP-SEA)

At least James Paxton wasn’t placed on the disabled list with an elbow injury that will require Tommy John surgery…yet.  Instead, Paxton was taken out of his last start due to a lat strain and has been placed on the disabled list.  This was very unfortunate for Paxton who got off to a great start in 2014 including a 2-0 record with a 2.25 ERA and 13 strikeouts and only two walks.  The Mariners have a lot of young pitching talent, but keeping them healthy has been problematic thus far.  If they have any hope of contending, they will need their starters behind King Felix to stay healthy and produce.  Keep Paxton on your DL for now, although it is too soon to know whether he will be back when the 15 days are up or whether this is going to be an extended stay on the DL.

Avisail Garcia (OF-CHW)

White Sox outfielder Avisail Garcia suffered a left shoulder injury when he dove to make a catch on Wednesday.  Garcia was removed from the game and fortunately x-rats did not reveal and fractures or separation.  He will probably be kept out of the lineup for at least another day and undergo some additional testing.  Take him out of your daily lineups for the next couple days.  Assuming he is ok after some rest, he should be back on the field for the White Sox.

Michael A. Stein, Esq. is the Chief Justice of Fantasy Judgment, the industry's premier dispute resolution service.  You can contact him at or on Facebook and Twitter (@FantasyJudgment).

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