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We are back!!!! Sorry for the lack of the playbook while in Los Angeles for the Starstreet Fantasy Baseball Championship, we got a little distracted (you would have too let's be honest).   I would highly recommend if ever given a chance to attend a party there it will be an unforgettable experience.  Jeff Mans (@jeff_mans), Ray Flowers (@baseballguys) and I (@tedschuster) shared a few pictures on twitter that we could so check them out (couldn't share them all if you know what I mean).

We move onto today's games.  The pitchers are nothing special today and so not one of them really stand out.  James Shields and Chris Tillman lead the way as they have a decent match-up and have been throwing the ball well after rough starts to the season.  Jeff Samardzija scares me a bit after a rough outing but the strike outs could be there against Houston and Tanner Roark has been solid particularly at home but must go on the road tonight so it downgrades him a bit tonight for me.

For the hitters, I don't think I remember a night where the first base position has been this bad.  It is usually one of the hardest positions to narrow down but even the options listed are nothing special.  I find myself going Allen Craig quite a bit just for the value and his career numbers vs. J.A. Happ.   The third base position is loaded with a ton of great options to go along with the outfield as well.  With the value at the other positions on the infield, you should be able to load up some top quality outfielders. My top hitters for tonight are Adrian Beltre and Carlos Gomez and if you choose to stack the red-hot Marlins and Brewers would be the teams to target.

Good Luck tonight!!!

The Daily Fantasy Playbook for August 25th:

  Player Name Pos DraftKings FanDuel Aces
  James Shields P 8600 8500 6500
  Chris Tillman P 8400 7300 5900
  Jeff Samardzija P 9200 8100 6250
  Tanner Roark P 9000 7600 6250
  Jonathan Lucroy C 4800 3400 5100
  Buster Posey C 4300 3600 5300
  Dioner Navarro C 3200 2900 4750
  Allen Craig 1B/OF 2800 2200 4500
  Adam LaRoche 1B 4500 3700 5050
  Logan Morrison 1B/OF 3700 2500 4400
  Steve Pearce 1B/OF 4300 3200 4950
  Neil Walker 2B/3B 3800 3700 4900
  Jeff Baker 2B/OF 2800 2400 4150
  Rickie Weeks 2B 2700 3000 4200
  Adam Rosales 2B/3B 3400 3000 3950
  Erick Aybar SS 3800 2700 4650
  Jose Reyes SS 5000 4000 5450
  Joe Panik SS/2B 3500 2800 3500
  Jhonny Peralta SS 4100 3100 4850
  Adrian Beltre 3B 4600 3200 5700
  Anthony Rendon 3B/2B 4400 3800 4850
  Evan Longoria 3B 4500 3400 5100
  Aramis Ramirez 3B 4000 3100 4900
  Carlos Gomez OF 5000 4300 5450
  Starling Marte OF 4800 3900 5100
  Matt Holliday OF 4300 3600 4950
  Adam Jones OF 5000 3800 5500
  Bryce Harper OF 3700 2900 4800
  Giancarlo Stanton OF 5800 5300 6100
  Colby Rasmus OF 3700 2900 4450
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