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It is a very interesting slate of games on tap for tonight. There are a ton of pitching options to choose from including Max Schrezer, Stephen Strasburg and Hideki Iwaukma.  I think Schrezer is the top option tonight over Strasburg for multiple reasons including his consistency this year along with how dominant he has been lately.  There are 5 pitching options listed tonight as I wanted to include Correia as well if you really want to go with a cheap pitcher in tournaments to get more bats in the lineup. Francisco Liriano is a player that has some intrigue as he has been throwing the ball much better lately but he is prone to blow-ups at any point so I left him off the list in favor of better options.

The list of hitters is a little longer than normal as well to give more lower priced options if you do pay up for the top pitchers along with not knowing whether a guy like Erik Kratz will be in the lineup tonight since he is a back-up.  Joe Panik makes a great salary relief option in the middle infield but he did suffer a dislocated pinkie his last time out so make sure he is in the lineup.   Justin Upton is a top hitting option tonight against a lefty which he has always crushed to go along with his current hot streak.  Upton is one of the streakiest players in the game. 

Always remember that each site as some of these guys at different positions so adjust your line-ups accordingly.  Draftkings gives you the most flexibility with position eligibility. Good Luck tonight and drop questions in the comments section or you can hit me or Jeff up on twitter @tedschuster or @jeff_mans.


  Player Name Pos DraftKings FanDuel Aces
  Max Scherzer P 12700 11400 7400
  Stephen Strasburg P 10200 9700 6700
  Hisashi Iwakuma P 9900 9200 6550
  Scott Kazmir P 8200 8400 6600
  Kevin Correia P 5800 5300 4500
  Jonathan Lucroy C 4500 3500 5100
  Buster Posey C 4000 3100 5000
  Evan Gattis C/OF 3400 2700 4700
  Erik Kratz C 2300 2200 3750
  Anthony Rizzo 1B 4600 3700 4900
  Carlos Santana C/1B/3B 4000 4000 5000
  David Ortiz 1B 5100 4100 5100
  Matt Adams 1B 3700 2800 4850
  Justin Morneau 1B 4400 3500 5100
  Brandon Moss 1B/OF 4400 3100 4850
  Jose Altuve 2B 5200 4000 5550
  Neil Walker 2B 3500 3300 4900
  Rickie Weeks 2B 3000 3000 4200
  Joe Panik 2B/SS 2600 2600 3500
  Cliff Pennington SS/2B 3000 2800 4300
  Jose Reyes SS 4900 4000 5350
  Ian Desmond SS 4300 3600 4850
  Chris Johnson 3B 3200 2600 4550
  David Wright 3B 3700 2900 4900
  Juan Francisco 3B/1B 2900 2400 4650
  Kyle Seager 3B/2B 4300 3200 5100
  Justin Upton OF 4700 3700 5350
  Carlos Gomez OF 4700 4300 5300
  Eric Campbell OF/1B 1900 2200 3700
  Khris Davis OF 3700 2900 4700
  Michael Morse OF/1B 3700   4750
  Steve Pearce OF/1B 3300 3100 4700
  Leonys Martin CF 3400 2400 4450
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