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You asked for got it. No this isn't a Toyota commercial from the 90's it's the Sunday edition of the DFS Playbook. We had been spending Sunday's with Jesus (or whichever higher power being you believe in) but since he isn't listening to us anyways we figured what's one more day without rest really going to do? 

Today we are sure to stay away from Mike Minor as the Braves pitchers (and the Padres bats) have not been very cooperative the past few days. Instead we're going to assume the Oakland bats pick up knowing that the Texas Rangers won't be much of a threat against Scott Kazmir this evening. Hopefully you haven't played the "stacking everybody in Colorado game" these past two nights as the Pirates have scored a whopping 2 runs in that span. I'd stay away from them today as well save for maybe an Andrew McCutchen or Josh Harrison/Jordy Mercer value play. The top stacks of the day are the Tigers, Orioles and if you want to be under the radar a bit the Cleveland Indians. 

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Here is the DFS Playbook for Sunday July 27th:

Player Pos DraftKings Fanduel Aces
Scott Kazmir P 9,100 9,300 6,850
Hyun-Jin Ryu P 9,100 9,200 6,200
Adam Wainwright P 10,800 10,300 7,500
Jimmy Nelson P 6,700 5,100 5,400
Evan Gattis C 4,000 3,300 5,000
Jarrod Saltalamacchia C 3,600 3,100 4,350
Rene Rivera C 2,700 2,500 4,000
Adrian Gonzalez 1B 4,300 3,500 4,900
Victor Martinez C/1B 4,500 4,300 5,700
Steve Pearce 1B/OF 3,900 3,400 5,100
Nick Evans 1B/OF 2,500 2,900 3,500
Paul Goldschmidt 1B 5,800 4,900 5,750
Jose Altuve 2B 5,100 4,200 5,700
Robinson Cano 2B 5,000 3,700 5,600
Jordany Valdespin 2B/OF 3,100 2,200 3,500
Jordy Mercer SS 3,700 3,000 4,100
Danny Santana SS/OF 3,400 3,400 4,500
Didi Gregorius SS 3,900 3,100 3,950
Juan Francisco 1B/3B 3,900 2,900 4,650
Nick Castellanos 3B/OF 3,500 2,700 4,400
Kyle Seager 2B/3B 4,300 3,400 5,150
Josh Harrison 3B/OF 2,600 3,900 4,500
Justin Upton OF 5,300 3,800 4,950
Corey Dickerson OF 4,700 4,100 4,750
Yasiel Puig OF 5,000 3,700 5,600
Rajai Davis OF 4,300 3,200 4,950
David Peralta OF 3,500 3,400 4,000
Marlon Byrd OF 4,000 3,200 4,900
Kole Calhoun OF 4,300 3,700 5,200


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