Tueday night and we have a full 15 game slate ahead of us in DFS tonight. DraftKings is going hard this evening with their $400,000 Midsummer Classic contest as well as their Medium Midsummer Classic for the smaller bankroll. Also, remember that if you create a new account RIGHT now over at DraftKings ($10 minimum) using our link here, you will receive a FREE 2014 Fantasy Alarm Fantasy Football Draft GuideNFL Assistant GM In-Season Package and our COMPLETE DFS tools for this coming fantasy football season. 

Tonight it is all about finding a starting pitcher (or two) who doesn't completely suck. Good luck with that one by the way. I am going to pay for Adam Wainwright and then use a rotation of losers to fill my second spot on DraftKings. Thus I will be playing some higher end bats to help catapult my lineups into the big money.

*****Update:  Peralta for Arizona and Dyson for Kansas City makes nice values leading off tonight.

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Here is the DFS Playbook for Tuesday July 22nd:

Player Pos Fanduel DraftKings Aces
Adam Wainwright P 10,700 10,800 7,500
Scott Kazmir P 9,300 9,100 6,700
Mike Minor P 7,100 7,700 5,800
Brian McCann C 2,700 3,700 4,550
Wilson Ramos C 2,900 4,200 4,350
Derek Norris C 3,100 3,600 4,700
Adrian Gonzalez 1B 2,800 4,300 4,900
Lucas Duda 1B 3,400 3,800 4,600
Freddie Freeman 1B 3,600 5,000 5,300
Ian Kinsler 2B 3,700 4,600 5,650
Justin Turner 2B/3B 3,000 3,400 4,100
Dee Gordon 2B/SS 3,400 4,400 5,000
Ian Desmond SS 3,300 4,600 5,100
Starlin Castro SS 2,800 4,100 5,200
Kelly Johnson 1B/3B 2,300 3,400 4,350
Anthony Rendon 2B/3B 3,900 4,800 5,100
Josh Donaldson 3B 3,500 4,500 4,900
Pablo Sandoval 3B 3,300 4,800 5,200
Jayson Werth OF 4,000 5,300 5,000
Alex Gordon OF 2,800 4,300 5,000
Adam Jones OF 4,100 4,700 5,650
Andre Ethier OF 2,700 3,500 4,450
Jonny Gomes OF 2,400 3,200 4,250
Justin Ruggiano OF 3,100 4,200 4,350
Seth Smith OF 3,400 3,900 4,800


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