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Sportstradex has become a great alternative to the salary cap format in daily fantasy sports games.  They offer unique contests that you won't find on some of the other major DFS sites.  They offer games in a pick'em and survivor formats along with their one of a kind trading contests as well.  There is guarenteed money to be won every single day over at Sportstradex. There are also plenty of FREE contests to try every day to get a feel for how the contests work. 

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Sportstradex CEO Ben Lipson to discuss some of their upcoming events including the "Sweet 16K" coming up this Wednesday the 26th, what the future games are in the works and some things that makes Sportstradex different from the other DFS Sites.


Tell us about the big Quadruple Up tournament coming this Wednesday?

The “Sweet $16K” the biggest event to date at SportsTradex.  With $16,000 in guaranteed prizes and possible overlay, fantasy players really need to check it out.  In the contest, players compete to pick the most correct winners of 3-on-3 fantasy basketball matchups.  In this format, users make 8 total picks. Usually, 5-6 correct picks will win cash in a quadruple up tournament, but that isn’t always the case.  It could be more or less depending on the competition, which again is a very unique aspect of SportsTradex games.

As part of our promotion of Wednesday’s big event, players that enter 9 times will receive a FREE entry and players that enter 18 times will receive 2 FREE entries.  Fantasy Alarm readers are also eligible for a 30% deposit bonus up to $120 free using code “ALARM.”

What makes Sportstradex use the quadruple payout structure vs. a standard tournament style usually seen in other DFS contest?

The quadruple up structure combines the best aspects of other daily fantasy formats.  The reward is still potentially huge but he odds of winning are quite reasonable.  As the name suggests, the top 25% win!  In our pick'em fantasy games, this structure is very popular especially when fantasy players can enter multiple times to increase their potential winnings.

The Pick'em Duds contest is one of most unique contests in DFS? Anything in particular that sparked this creation?

Sports are polarizing by nature.  Fans love teams or hate teams and stay interested in any team that fits either category.  Traditionally, fantasy inspires rooting interest in players that will help you win.  We created DUDS as a game that does the opposite.  In the DUDS game, athletes score fantasy points by missing field goals, missing free throws, and committing turnovers or personal fouls.  The response has been overwhelmingly positive for this twist on classic fantasy sports.  Many fans, especially the sadistic variety, enjoy good-natured rooting for poor performances and it is fun to identify or predict which players will excel in inefficiency.

Any other unique games like the Pick'em Duds contest going to be used for MLB?

We will run DUDS for MLB and we will release two new game formats too.  We have a lot of great events and features planned for baseball season.  I can barely keep it a secret but I promise Fantasy Alarm will be the first to know.

Who’s the creative mind of the team names that we can find in the different contests?

Fantasy team names consume too much time, probably, but they are fun to invent.  Our users submitted many of the best names via twitter.  We encourage people to send in their funniest names so we can incorporate them in our games.  A few of the football names that came from users will be back next year, like…

“Prom Night @TY Hilton”

“Luck Dynasty”

“Everyday I’m Russellin”

What other sports are you hoping to introduce in the future besides NFL, MLB and NBA?

We are launching a NASCAR fantasy game in March that should be among the best short-term fantasy racing games available anywhere.  And SportsTradex plans to expand to at least one additional sport by next fall.


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