Week 1 is simultaneously the week when we learn the most, but also the week when we have to be the most careful of drawing concrete conclusions. In Week 1 of 2019, John Ross and Danny Amendola were tied for seventh with 12 targets. Sammy Watkins had 11, three of which went for touchdowns. KeeSean Johnson and Donte Moncrief had 10 targets each. 

That being said, there were several notable receivers who had a surprising number of targets in Week 1. Let’s take a look at some of the more notable target numbers from Week 1, with an eye towards what we expect going forward.

  • Of the 10 players who had 10+ targets Week 1, Odell Beckham Jr. was certainly the quietest. I still think he’s good, and he clearly has a better matchup this week against the Bengals, but in my mind, this is his last chance to prove he doesn’t belong in the WR3 morass. 

  • Austin Ekeler only had one target Sunday, and while he will almost certainly get more targets in Week 2, I think the...