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This is the first time all season I’ve put together a single-game SuperDraft lineup, and I wish I would have done it sooner. Between the higher multipliers, the positional flexibility and the addition of kickers, putting together my SuperDraft lineup was a lot of fun. I am tempted to do a cash lineup, and if I did, it would almost certainly have one of the aforementioned kickers, but this felt like a good time to go big or go home.

In addition to aiming for a higher payout, I also wanted to do a GPP lineup because I really, really like the player I chose for my champion, even though it’s hard to trust him for cash. Making him my champion was a great way to go out on a bit of a limb, and know that I will be rewarded nicely if he has a good game like my gut says he will.

Since there is only one game, and we’re playing five guys in a lineup, we’re going to change up the format this week. We’ll run through the guys in my lineup, along with why I like each, before we discuss a couple of other players who nearly made the cut. Next week we’ll be back to our usual format when we’ll try to build upon the very nice start we had last week in our SuperDraft NBA debut.

Steve’s GPP Lineup

CHP: Emmanuel Sanders X3.3

I think Jimmy Garoppolo is going to have a good game, at least for fantasy, and I think Emmanuel Sanders will lead the 49ers in targets, receptions and yards. Sanders has been quiet since his huge game against the Saints, but I think the bye week will help with his nagging injuries, and if he’s healthy, I think he’s a better player than Deebo Samuel.

SFLX: Jimmy Garoppolo X1.45

Garoppolo averaged 16.3 fppg this season, but he has a higher multiplier than Tyreek Hill (13.3 fppg) and Travis Kelce (12.9 fppg). Even if the Chiefs weren’t facing one of the best defenses in the NFL, I would like Garoppolo for our lineup.

SFLX: Raheem Mostert X1.65

It sounds like Tevin Coleman is going to play, though how much he will play is anyone’s guess. With the lone exception of the Divisional Round game against the Vikings, Mostert has been San Francisco’s lead back since Week 13, scoring 11 touchdowns over eight weeks. Mostert may not be particularly likely to top 100 scrimmage yards, but it’d be pretty surprising if he doesn’t score at least one touchdown.

SFLX: Sammy Watkins X2.2

Watkins had at least 90 scrimmage yards in both playoff games, and while I hate the idea of trusting him, it seems pretty clear he’s Mahomes’s third option right now, and that’s worth something.

SFLX: George Kittle X1.6

Kittle averaged the exact same fppg as Travis Kelce this season, and he’s facing a weaker defense than Kelce, but Kittle has the higher multiplier. Kittle obviously didn’t do much the last two weeks, but if Jimmy Garoppolo only throws eight passes this week, my lineup is done anyway. I’ll gladly take the multiplier and hope for a handful of catches and a touchdown.

Others receiving votes:

Harrison Butker X2.45

I never thought I would choose to play a kicker in a format where I didn’t have to, but here we are. I have no idea why Butker’s multiplier is higher than Robbie Gould ’s, but I’m not complaining. Butker may not have the upside of someone like Mecole Hardman, but he is basically money in the bank for 20 fantasy points.

Mecole Hardman X2.4

Hardman hasn’t topped 30 yards from scrimmage or scored a touchdown since Week 14 against the Patriots. That being said, we know he has big-play ability, and Andy Reid has had two weeks to cook something up to get him open.


Get 6 Months FREE of the Playbook PRO from SuperDraft | Great deals at SuperDraft using Promo Code Alarm