If you are reading today's WNBA DFS Playbook and Example Lineups, I hope you had a chance to catch Friday's Rush-themed edition of the FantasyAlarm WNBA DFS Podcast with myself and Howard Bender. It is certainly a Far Cry from a lot of our previous podcasts, but I think you'll also find it is Closer To The Heart than a lot of our Podcasts. They call me the Working Man, but hopefully the Lessons I've learned in my research will lead to me Finding My Way to the fantasy Limelight. I'll be  I'm always In The Mood for WNBA DFS, and as always, feel free to hit us up in the subscriber chat or on Twitter and let us know What You're Doing for WNBA DFS. Just remember, if you don't win Friday, the WNBA season is a Marathon, not a sprint. Be sure to come back on Bastille Day, when I will be breaking down yet another five-game slate.