More often than not, the bulk of this article contains bullet points, with each one featuring a different player. While part of the reason for that choice is, admittedly, to make it easier to get to as many important pass-catchers as possible, that isn’t the only reason. Most weeks, there isn’t a whole lot to tie any of the players to each other outside of getting a lot of targets either in the last week or a season as a whole. Each player is a completely different entity, and deserves to be treated as such. This week, after I had put together the list of players to discuss this week, it occurred to me that they fell into four pretty distinct categories. It was just dumb luck (and the late addition of Logan Thomas ) that caused there to be exactly four players in each category. Take a look at our updated Target Leaderboard for the year before we get to our four quartets.

These Guys are Really Good