There is something refreshing about a company or a product that is exactly what it says it is. That is precisely what makes DraftEasy so great. It really is easy, which sets it apart from other daily fantasy sites. Even for experienced players, DFS can be a grind. Nothing can kill the buzz of DFS research like spending an inordinate amount of time setting lineups and choosing contests. DraftEasy has you covered.

Playing daily fantasy against other people can often be a double-edged sword. It is great to compete against friends or family or to take on an opponent head-to-head, and DraftEasy is a great place for that sort of experience. On the other hand, there is nothing more frustrating than finishing out of the money because your defense gave up a touchdown in garbage time, or because your opponent’s tight end caught three touchdowns. That is where DraftEasy’s revolutionary Rapid Fire game comes into play.

With RapidFire, you only compete against yourself. You determine your fate, not some random faceless opponent. Simply choose who you believe will be the higher scoring player for each of five two-player matchups. If you get four out of the five correct, you win three times your entry. That is the entire game. It is that easy.

As we mentioned above, DraftEasy also offers a chance to play against other people, in the form of pick’em contests. In pick’em contests, you fill six lineup spots, choosing from a pool of six players to fill each spot. Pick’em combines the easy of Rapidfire with the fun of head-to-head competition.

In both game modes, I think the smart strategy is to take a cue from DraftEasy itself and keep it simple. Keeping it simple means a couple of different things in this context, but the first is to favor players with a high floor, especially in RapidFire. Someone like James Harden, who began the season by setting the Houston Rockets’ franchise record for most consecutive games with 20+ points, has a floor that can’t be matched even by the other MVP candidates in the league. Similarly, It is hard to believe there is any time I would be willing to play someone like DeSean Jackson or TY Hilton (at least without Andrew Luck). Yes, they have high ceilings, but you don’t need to chase a high ceiling. Those players are going to bust more often than not, so fading them will likely be the higher percentage play.

In DraftEasy’s pick’em contests, you can keep it simple by taking the best players available and not overthinking it too much. If Tom Brady is the best quarterback you have to choose from (which seems reasonable), then just pick him. Don’t worry about if your opponent will choose Brady, or if you can pivot to a sneaky quarterback with a good matchup. Often, the obvious play is the best play, especially when you have only one opponent and no salary cap.

Be sure to check back every week as FantasyAlarm  will offer new strategy ideas and picks for DraftEasy contests across sports. As always, you can hit us up with your DraftEasy questions on the FANation forums or #FANation on Twitter.

To get you started, DraftEasy is offering one free game with a $50 prize. Even if you come up short, you will still win $20 for getting just one matchup right. For that offer and an immediate deposit match of up to $100, sign up at and use Promo Code: ALARM