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Congrats to the Fantasy Alarm team as they took DFS by storm this past Friday. In case you missed it, "Team Playbook" won an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas and a ticket to the Fanduel’s DFBC to play for $1 million on August 16th courtesy of the fine folks at Fanduel and they will also be heading to the Playboy Mansion for a chance at $75,000 with their win at StarStreet on this same night.

If you want some proof here you go:

Fanduel DFBC:

StarStreet PFBC:

As Jeff Mans pointed out in Saturday’s DFS Playbook, the point of mentioning this is not to brag or boast that they won. “You see, it has always been and will always be about improving the DFS industry for us. We want to provide the best content, lineups and tools possible so that all of our loyal Fantasy Alarm readers can make profits and have a BLAST playing DFS. So, no matter what contests you are playing, remember that we have your back. The tools we provide are legit and will help you win.” So good luck to all you this Tuesday and hopefully we are reading about your cashes in tomorrow’s comment section.

If you have not done so already, bookmark the following four sources to compliment our picks of day and remember if you get caught in a lineup quandary or have a specific question you can always tweet @FantasyNomad and/or post in the comments section below.  

Fantasy Alarm MLB Daily Lineups

Weather Report   

Batter vs Pitcher Stats

Daily Fantasy Baseball Projections

Player Pos. DraftKings DraftStreet FanDuel
Stephen Strasburg P $10,300 $22,222 $9,300
James Shields P $7,700 $16,859 $8,000
Hisashi Iwakuma P $8,600 $17,533 $8,000
Josh Beckett P $9,300 $19,460 $8,600
Henderson Alvarez P $7,500 $15,203 $7,600
Wilson Ramos C $4,000 $5,745 $3,000
Robinson Chirinos C $3,000 $4,564 $2,900
Anthony Rizzo 1B $5,200 $8,200 $3,600
Freddie Freeman 1B $4,700 $8,169 $3,900
Dustin Pedroia 2B $4,400 $6,689 $3,300
Brandon Phillips 2B $4,000 $5,982 $3,100
Kyle Seager 3B $4,600 $6,600 $3,900
Adrian Beltre 3B $5,100 $8,800 $4,400
Nick Castellanos 3B $3,300 $5,718 $2,500
Ian Desmond SS $4,400 $4,732 $3,000
Erick Aybar SS   $6,231 $3,500
Jordy Mercer SS $2,800 $5,192 $2,500
Matt Joyce OF $3,600 $6,168 $3,400
Josh Hamilton OF   $7,144 $3,300
Kole Calhoun OF   $5,745 $3,600
Kevin Kiermaier OF $3,100 $5,774 $3,000
Adam Jones OF $5,100 $8,230 $4,000
Starling Marte OF $4,100 $5,883 $3,300
James Jones OF $3,400 $5,124 $2,300
Logan Forsythe INF $3,200 $5,029 $2,800
David Ortiz UTL $5,000 $8,457 $3,900

Best of luck and be sure to check out the Fantasy Alarm Podcast for even more Fantasy Sports insight. Our most recent show recaps the NBA Draft and tomorrow's show will focus soley on Fantasy Baseball.

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