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Daily Dribble Tuesday, March 4th

Does anyone in your family have one of those sayings that they frequently use? My dad has a few that he loves to use, one in particular, unfortunately, stood out to me the other night.

Growing up if I ever did something dumb, or acted before really thinking things through, my father had a favorite saying he would be quick to quib. It went something like this the first time I had the pleasure to be on the butt end of it:

Me: something dumb

Dad: “Son, you having trouble breathing?”

Me: perplexed, “Umm, No, why?”

Dad: “With your head in your ass.”

Me: eye roll

After dropping it on me the first time he would just just fire off the first line, “You having trouble breathing?” any chance I gave him the ammo to do so. Well I found myself asking myself that same question the other day, after lineups locked, and I began watching an NBA game as I saw a player I rostered sucking it up while a player at the same position, at a similar price was going off in another game. Well, to quote a familiar quote, “When given lemons make lemonade.” So, after I pulled my head out of my….I decided hey why not take this situation and use it in an article to try and help avoid having our heads end up somewhere where breathing would become difficult. Thus, each day in the Daily Dribble I will now include a Fantasy Basketball Daily Death Match where I pit two players against each other whom play the same position, are relative in price, and may be a common decision you are faced with as you go about constructing your daily league lineup.

While we wait for today’s Death Match competitors to make their way to the ring here are some upcoming DFS tournaments.



Draft Kings

Qualifiers to Friday’s $100K MegaCrossover


Qualifiers to Wednesday’s $50K weekly NBA Big Score

SKYLLZONE’s Fan vs. Machine

Free to enter

$1,010 in prizes

$20 if you beat the machines

Top 20 overall get paid out as well

In addition to today’s Daily Dribble article check out today’s Daily League Picks article, in the NBA section on our homepage. And remember, If any of you who read our daily league articles cash and/or win yourself a qualifier feel free to tweet me @FantasyNomad and I would be glad to share your success story in an upcoming Daily Dribble article and on twitter.

Fantasy Basketball Daily Deathmatch


Kent Bazemore vs NOP

Darren Collison at PHO

Def Matchup last 15 days

14 vs shooting guards 

19 vs shooting guards

Minutes per game last 2 gms



Fantasy Points 



Usage Rate last 2 games



Efficiency Rate Last 3 games



My first inclination was that Bazemore would win this match, but after further analysis, I give the edge to Collison. I believe the Clippers/Suns game will also be a higher paced and scoring affair so that should lead to few a more opportunities for Collison, as well.

I know this is as small of a sample size as you can get and there are plenty of other factors that go into play, but for our first go around in the Daily Death Match these are the factors that most intrigued me. If you have any suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments section below and I will be glad to consider them in future Daily Death Match battles.

Injury News

I will focus on any injury news that pertains to this evening’s slate of games, but be sure to visit our Player News section to catch up on other injuries and player insight that will give you a head start when it comes to planning future lineups.

Dwight Howard will play tonight.

Jeremy Lin went through shoot around and will be a game time decision tonight against the Heat. You would be insane if you were considering Linsanity in the first place. If Lin does not give it a go it would mean more minutes for Patrick Beverly. Update: Lin IS playing tonight.



George Hill was a full participant in this morning's shootaround and will play Tuesday vs the Warriors. So, no cashing in on C.J. Watson again as he will return to the bench. Anderson Varejo is expected to miss his 11th consecutive game.

Miles Plumlee (sore right knee) is a game time decision Tuesday against the Clippers. If Plumlee is out then I would expect Suns head coach Jeff Hornacek to insert the red hot Markieff Morris. DeAndre Jordan may block a lot of shots, but like Andre Drummond of the Pistons that does not necessarily mean they are great on defense. Case in point, the Clippers are allowing the fifth most FP to opposing centers on the season and are one of the top ten worst against power forwards in case Channing Frye plays center and Kieff forward, but Morris is the guy that DeAndre Jordan would likely be matched up with Griffin on Frye. Update: Alex Len is starting at center for the Suns not Markieff Morris, but that should not change anything for you in terms of rostering Morris.

Dion Waiters will suit up tonight, but I am not considering him until I see he is 100% healthy and there are no minutes restrictions on him.

Jamal Crawford (calf) and J.J. Redick are out (see below on who benefits). Dwayne Wade, would expect him back tonight against the Rockets, refreshed and ready to go. After James big game and the fact Wade missed Monday’s game I have a feeling owners will give Wade the slight tonight making him a good GPP play against James Harden and a Rockets team that defend the shooting guard position like matadors. Update: Dwayne Wade IS playing tonight.

Best of Luck tonight, with today's Daily Dribble and Mark Kaplan's Daily Fantasy Basketball Plays of the Day article you should be prepared enough to build your daily league lineup that the only reason someone would be asking you if you are having trouble breathing would be because you are out of breath celebrating some big cashes tonight in DFS play.

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