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Daily Fantasy Basketball Du-Rant

Happy New Year everyone! I usually seperate my recommendations into GPP and Double Up (DU) categories, but with only five games tonight I will just provide you with some tiered options that I think can help you start off 2014 in a winning way.

Daily Dandies

For those of you checking out my recommendations for the first time, I group the players in A,B,C,D Tiers as a play on the old A,B,C,D basketball camps and as an easy way to distinguish player tiers. (All prices are according to Draft Street). If you have any specific questions post them in the comments section and I will answer them asap or send me a tweet by clicking on my twitter handle at the top of this article. To see who is starting each night visit our NBA Lineups Page

A-All Star priced players that should put up All Star stats today (target 35+ FP, $15,000-on up).

* G John Wall (18.8%) out of the top four priced players going tonight I like Wall's matchup the best and he also is the cheapest of the bunch, which should help some as their are only five games tonight so we need to find value where ever we can.

* G Michael Carter-Williams (17.5%) speaking of finding value, MCW falls into that category tonight, as well. He his cheaper than Kyle Lowry (tougher matchup) and Jrue Holiday (lower ceiling).

*F Tyreke Evans (16.3%) is rolling hot and the matchup is tasty versus whoever the TWolves try and throw at him.

B-rated Ballers: Big name players with big games, but not as high of a price tag as the top five or so priced players at each position (around 30 FP, $12,000-$15,000).

* G Ty Lawson (15.2%) the Sixers are allowing a league high 12.18 assists per game and the sixth most FP to point guards over the last 15 days.

* F Shawn Marion (13.4%) has scored over 78 FP combined in his last two games and Trevor Ariza is not as good defensively as Marion is.

* C Spencer Hawes (14.9%) production has improved with the return of MCW, and he has big time mismatch tonight going against the Nuggets big men.

C-as in players that COULD be in line to provide you with good to great value in the mid-tier price range (target 25+ FP, $8,000-$12,000).

* F Wilson Chandler (10.9%) Philly sucks at defense as they are allowing a league leading 111.5 points per game, so stacking Denver Nuggets players tonight looks like a great strategy.

D-Discounted Dandies: Players on the cheap whose production may exceed what their discounted price tag suggests. (Double Digit Fantasy Production, $3,500-$8,000).

* G James Anderson (6.3%) Randy Foye is getting the start at shooting guard for the Nuggets, good luck with that Denver. (Granted Anderson won’t likely start, but should again see more points than the offensively handicapped Hollis Thompson).

* G Randy Foye (6.8%) is about the least sexy pick you could ever make, but so too is the Sixers defense against shooting guards as they are allowing the most FP to the position on the season.

Best of Luck tonight, and for you season long players looking for some help check out this week's Fantasy Basketball Wire Wire Pick Ups and if you have any questions go rouge and post them in the comments section and/or send me a tweet.

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