These stacking articles can become a challenge on Thursdays. With the shorter slates and day games, it pretty much limits the opportunities out there. That won’t stop us from finding a fun, creative way to stack our DFS MLB lineups and set ourselves up for success.

We’ll just focus on the main slate - games starting after 6:05 PM EST.

Just so we are on the same page, we take into consideration many factors (not just expected run totals) when identifying the potential teams to stack upon each day. These factors include: ballpark, wind, weather, umpire, opposing starting pitcher and opposing bullpen.


The O’s have let us down in Cincinnati thus far with a total of five runs scored against Bronson Arroyo and Amir Garrett. Tonight, things change the the bats awaken in a big way. They are facing Scott Feldman, who has been better than expected this year.  Though, the wind is blowing out to left at gusts between 10-15 MPH. Vegas has their adjusted...

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