Let's shake off those NYE hangovers and ring in the new year with some CFB DFS cash!

Looking at this five-game slate, you are simply going to have to get out of the comfort zone and roll with some players facing top defenses. It's just unavoidable today with so many playing today. Here's a quick look at the S&P+ defensive ranks for these ten teams:

Mississippi State: 6th / 17th vs. Run / 2nd vs. Pass
Iowa: 20th / 23rd vs. Run / 29th vs. Pass
LSU: 14th / 28th vs. Run / 5th vs. Pass
UCF: 36th / 43rd vs. Run / 24th vs. Pass
Kentucky: 21st / 36th vs. Run / 15th vs. Pass
Penn State: 11th / 41st vs. Run / 12th vs. Pass
Washington: 3rd / 11th vs. Run / 19th vs. Pass
Ohio State: 37th / 79th vs. Run / 74th vs. Pass
Texas: 55th / 44th vs. Run / 53rd vs. Pass
Georgia:16th / 57th vs. Run  / 3rd vs. Pass

So, we aren't talking "elite" here, but very good for the most part. Knowing that there will be some defense played, you can't shy away from tough matchups. First, though,...