It doesn't get much better than daily fantasy basketball on a Saturday. Eric Bledsoe, Greg Monroe, and Andre Drummond are the top plays tonight. John Wall is also a good option, but his price tag is expensive on Fanduel. There are plenty of value options that will allow you to get a couple of the high priced players in your lineup.

Reggie Jackson continues to be a great play at his price range and he'll have a huge game if his shot is falling. Deron Williams is a good play that not a lot of people will have tonight. Eric Bledsoe is worth spending up on because he has a high floor and has the ability to put up huge games. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope continues to produce quality games and he doesn't cost that much. The artist formerly known as Bill "Sky" Walker (Henry) is getting consistent minutes for the Heat and is a superb punt option on Aces. 

There are only a few options worth using at small forward tonight. Kawhi Leonard is the number one option at the position and it helps that he doesn't cost that much. P.J. Tucker is a solid number two small forward on Fanduel. The power forward position is loaded tonight as Greg Monroe and Derrick Favors are great plays. Zach Randolph and Tim Duncan are too expensive for my liking. Andrea Bargnani is a great value option, especially since he is playing his former team, but don't expect another performance like he had last night. The center position is also loaded as there are great options at multiple price ranges. Andre Drummond is the best of the top-tier options, Marcin Gortat is a great mid-tier play, and Alex Len continues to be under priced on Fanduel and Aces. 

Here is the Daily Fantasy Basketball Playbook for February 28th:

Point Guards

Player Team Fantasy Aces Fanduel DraftKings Comments
Reggie Jackson Pistons 4,800 6,100 6,100 Good floor and high ceiling. 
John Wall Wizards 6,300 9,100 8,600 Not a fan of his price tag, but he should reach 40 FP
Langston Galloway Knicks 4,600 5,300 5,200 Solid low-tier option on FD/DK
Deron Williams Nets 4,750 6,100 6,400 Nice mid-tier play for cash games. Like Rubio more if you can afford him.

Shooting Guards

Player Team Fantasy Aces Fanduel DraftKings Comments
Eric Bledsoe Suns 5,700 8,900 8,200 Could finish the night as the #1 fantasy point producer
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Pistons 4,200 5,100 4,400 Has at least 30 FP in 3 straight games & is averaging 31 FP in 2 games vs WSH
Henry Walker Heat 3,000 4,200 3,500 Superb punt play (especially on Aces) that is averaging 23 FP in the last 2 games
Joe Johnson Nets 4,850 6,300 5,900 Contrarian GPP option

Small Forwards

Player Team Fantasy Aces Fanduel DraftKings Comments
Kawhi Leonard Spurs 5,450 7,100 7,000 Easily the best option at the position
P.J. Tucker Suns 4,000 5,100 5,600 Love his low price tag on Aces/FD
Luol Deng Heat 4,800 6,300 5,900 Safe mid-tier play on DK

Power Forwards

Player Team Fantasy Aces Fanduel DraftKings Comments
Greg Monroe Pistons 5,650 7,600 7,900 Averaging 39 FP vs WSH this season
Derrick Favors Jazz 5,150 7,500 7,400 Has another great matchup and is still cheap on Aces
Andrea Bargnani Knicks 3,700 4,000 3,800 Superb punt play option


Player Team Fantasy Aces Fanduel DraftKings Comments
Andre Drummond Pistons 5,900 8,200 7,800 Has at least 44 FP on DK in 3 out of the past 4 games
Marcin Gortat Wizards 4,650 5,500 5,200 Good cash game option that is averaging 40 FP vs DET this season
Alex Len Suns 4,400 5,100 5,400 Will get close to a double-double with a couple of blocks
Brook Lopez Nets 5,200 6,900 6,400 Contrarian GPP option that gets a boost if T. Chandler is out