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You know what really "Grinds my Gears"? Turnovers as a category in rotisserie and head-to-head category leagues! It doesn't make sense as turnovers aren't equal to other categories, its penalizes the best players, and it rewards inactive owners. Let me break it down for you. 

The fact a player turns the ball over should not be the equivalent to a player making a three pointer or a block. Turnovers are random as a pass can go through the players hands or get tipped and become a 50/50 ball. Having turnovers be the same as other categories is not skill, its luck. 

The best players in the NBA turn the ball over the most. Why? because they have the ball in their hands the most. Here are the top 10 players with the worst turnover rate per game this season: Russell Westbrook (4.1), Stephen Curry (3.8), Michael Carter-Williams (3.8), James Harden (3.7), Kevin Durant (3.6), DeMarcus Cousins (3.6), John Wall (3.6), LeBron James (3.5), Dwight Howard (3.3), Ty Lawson (3.2). Half of those players are point guards, all of them are the best player on their team. No one should not draft Kevin Durant because he has a lot of turnovers. That would be stupid, but it counts just as much as every other category. I have never heard someone say " Draft player A over player B because he turns the ball over less than the other player". Don't get me wrong, turning the ball over is a negative thing, but it only hurts fantasy teams with elite players.

The biggest thing that "Grinds My Gears" about turnovers is that it rewards the inactive owner. You know, that owner that hasn't changed his lineup in months, half his players injured, is pretty much the Meg Griffin of the league, but guess what? That owner is first in turnovers or will win that category every week. There is no reason why a team should basically be rewarded for having injured or no players in the lineup. This greatly effects rotisserie leagues because it hurts the active owners. Also, the only way to cut down your turnovers is by not playing your best players! Let that sink in...

I do fully support turnovers in point leagues. However, next year when you are  joining a league that has turnovers as a category, simply ask the commissioner why they have turnovers equal to every other category? It is a hard question to answer and the only thing I can think of is because "Well, turnovers are a part of basketball". So is dunking, but that is not a category (I kind of like that idea though). The arguement for turnovers is something Chris Griffin would argue for.There is zero reason to have turnovers as a category, because it is dumb and should not effect the outcome of fantasy leagues. 

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