Just when we thought we were out of the woods with regard to crappy fantasy weeks, we get pulled right back into the sloppiness with a turnover-filled Week 11. Twenty-one quarterbacks (not including Jacoby Brissett or other random position players who threw the ball) committed a turnover, whether it was a fumble-lost or an interception. You also had players such as Michael Thomas , A.J. Brown and Tee Higgins dropping passes all day. You would have thought it was raining during every single game (not just in Cleveland) with the lack of control we witnessed. As always, there were a few sunspots in between the dark and stormy clouds. Deshaun Watson led all scorers, fantasy heroes Dalvin Cook and Travis Kelce  produced at a high level and Keenan Allen got in the endzone for the fourth-straight week. While one rookie, Justin Herbert, posted a top three fantasy performance among quarterbacks, another rookie, Joe Burrow, sadly tore his ACL and is lost for the season. No matter what blunders come our way, we'll continue to break every single one of them as we look to punch our tickets to the fantasy football playoffs.