Point Guard

RANK NAME Team # Games Analysis
1 Damian Lillard POR 2 Lillard keeps the top spot and he'll continue not only being clutch, but taking a lot of shots throughout the game. His minutes will continue to stay high. 
2 Trae Young ATL 2 Young continues to take some of the deepest three-pointers of any player in the league and he makes them look easy. He'll also help out on the assist side as well and he'll log a lot of minutes. 
3 Kemba Walker BOS 2 Walker is healthy and he should be able to get a full workload in both of his games this week. He'll continue to get a good amount of shots and time with the ball. 
4 Devonte Graham CHA 2 Graham hasn't been as hot from the field since earlier in the season but he is still the prioritized scorer in Charlotte and with players being waived, he'll be relied on even more to lead. 
5 Chris Paul OKC 2 Paul continues to keep himself logging a healthy amount of shots in the Thunder's offense. He's been a helpful three-category producer and continues to silence his doubters. 
6 Kyle Lowry TOR 2 INJ: Lowry may have to sit for the Raptors first game of the week on Monday because he's still feeling effects from the collision he had from the other night. Fred VanVleet will help run the point.
7 D'Angelo Russell MIN 2 INJ: Russell hasn't made his debut with Minnesota yet because he's been dealing with a minor quad injury and if he can't go, Jordan McLaughlin will continue to help fill the void. 
8 Russell Westbrook HOU 1 Westbrook would be much higher if he had a full slate of games, but he has only one and he's been shooting a bit better in recent weeks but his game will still be mainly driving to the hoop. 
9 De'Aaron Fox SAC 2 Fox keeps the Kings offensive pace at a high level and with other big men injured in Sacramento, the guards will have to take more control of the offense for the rest of the season. 
10 Spencer Dinwiddie BKN 2 Dinwiddie shouild be able to thrive with Kyrie Irving still out and it's not looking like Irving will play in either game for the Nets this week and that will benefit Dinwiddie who gobbles up all of the usage.
11 Malcolm Brogdon IND 2 Brogdon has been able to still be very impactful even though Victor Oladipo is working his way back to a full workload. We'll have to monitor the situation and see if his shot numbers take a hit. 
12 Lonzo Ball NO 2 Ball may not be the best shooter, but he'll still get to the hoop and he'll help out in other areas. Ball grabs boards and he crashes them after he shoots and he'll also help with dimes and steals.
13 Ricky Rubio PHX 2 If Deandre Ayton sits, expect Rubio to pick up more shots because he will be expected to drive the lane while Devin Booker hangs at the arc and Rubio will do a good job of drawing contact.
14 Ben Simmons PHI 1 Simmons is another guard who struggles with his jump shot, but dominates in other areas. He's one of the best drivers in the league and he'll help out big time with boards and dimes. 
15 Jamal Murray DEN 2 Murray is once again healthy and with Will Barton banged up, he'll get to take a few more shots and get more time with the ball. He should be able to play full minutes in both games. 
16 Dennis Schroder OKC 2 Coming off the bench is the best thing that could have happened for Schroder's career because he's been the main scoring option off the bench and he'll frequently hit double figures. 
17 Eric Bledsoe MIL 2 Bledsoe will see his usage go up if Giannis Antetokounmpo ends up sitting for the Bucks first game of the week. He'll get more shots and time with the ball. 
18 Goran Dragic MIA 2 Dragic has done a great job coming off the bench this season and he's been able to play both on and off the ball and if Jimmy Butler sits, he'll get more opportunities to produce.
19 Reggie Jackson DET 2 Jackson has been able to stay healthy for the most part since returning and with Derrick Rose hurt and Andre Drummond traded away, expect Jackson to get a ton of shots in this offense. 
20 Dejounte Murray SAS 2 It's always to track the Spurs guards because different guards produce on different nights, but we know that Murray's minutes are safe and he'll help a good amount with boards and steals. 

Shooting Guard

RANK NAME Team # Games Analysis
1 James Harden HOU 1 I know this looks strange, but Harden has been one of the top fantasy producers all season and even with just one game on the slate he can get a high level of all-around production. 
2 Bradley Beal WSH 2 Beal will see a countless number of shots especially with Isaiah Thomas off the team. He has the eternal green ligh at this point and he'll help out with dimes and steals. 
3 Devin Booker   PHX 2 Booker is already the top scoring option in Phoenix and if Ayton has to sit, he'll get even more time with the ball. He'll also still help run the point a bit when Rubio is on the bench. 
4 Jrue Holiday NO 2 Holiday has struggled a bit in the last few weeks, but if Brandon Ingram and/or Zion Williamson has to sit, he'll see more shots. Could it be that Holiday's usage drops off because of Williamson? Possibly!
5 Khris Middleton MIL 2 Middleton will be the Bucks top scoring option if Antetokounmpo has to sit out and he'll see a lot of shots from the elbow and the top of the key. He'll hit the cutter from the top of the key. 
6 DeMar DeRozan SAS 2 DeRozan doesn't even need a long-range game in order to be productive as he'll provide balanced production between scoring, rebounding, assists and steals. He's the Spurs top option. 
7 Fred VanVleet TOR 2 VanVleet will certainly see his scoring and assists go up if Lowry has to sit. With Norman Powell already out, other mid-court players need to fill THAT void so FVV can see more comb-guard minutes.
8 Donovan Mitchell UT 2 Mitchell will always be a better Mitchell when Mike Conley is off the floor, but he'll still get a ton of shots and be the top option for Utah. He'll help with steals as well. 
9 Jimmy Butler MIA 2 INJ: Butler is dealing with an injured Shoulder and after missing Sunday's game, there's a chance he'll have to sit out for Monday's as well. His status is still up in the air.
10 Andrew Wiggins GSW 2 Wiggins should see more shots in the Warriors offense as their top shooting option. Wiggins was behind Karl-Anthony Towns in Minnesota and now he's the top guy until Stephen Curry returns. 
11 Buddy Hield SAC 2 Hield will continue to see a lot of shots and it doesn't matter if he starts or comes off the bench. He'll help grab long boards as well and steals on the perimeter and in the lane. 
12 Shai Gilgeous-Alexander OKC 2 Gilgeous-Alexander continues to shine as the Thunder's top scorer and in recept weeks he's been a monster on the glass and he's another good guard at reading screens who will grab steals. 
13 Jaylen Brown BOS 2 Brown has been able to stay healthy and even with Kemba Walker back in the lineup, he'll still continue being the team's third scoring option and he'll look to drive if the lane is open. 
14 CJ McCollum POR 2 McCollum's minutes are safe and despite Gary Trent Jr. coming on a little stronger in the rotation, McCollum will continue being the second scoring option for Portland. 
15 Terry Rozier CHA 2 Rozier has been helpful being a good combo-guard for the Hornets. The Hornets guards handle most of the offense and with other wing and post players off the team, they'll get more shots. 
16 Lou Williams LAC 2 Williams should see a start if Patrick Beverley continues to be injured. Regardless if he starts or not, he'll help out with scoring and steals with the Clippers second unit. 
17 Evan Fournier ORL 2 Fournier will continue seeing a lot of shots and we may not see Jonathan Isaac for the rest of the season and he'll toggle between being the second and third scorer on the team with Aaron Gordon .
18 Zach LaVine CHI 1 LaVine is the last man standing it seems like in Chicago and that's a scary thought because he himself has dealt with injuries throughout his career. He'll be able to take as many shots as he wants.
19 Marcus Smart BOS 2 Smart provides a ton of defense off the bench and he'll get the first shot at starting if either guard is injured. He'll take a good amount of shots with the Celtics second unit and he'll grab swipes. 
20 Kevin Huerter ATL 2 Huerter has scored in double figures in his last six games and it's very encouraging because Young takes a lot of shots. He'll provide some help with boards and dimes and even blocks lately. 

Small Forward

RANK NAME Team # Games Analysis
1 LeBron James LAL 2 James will spend a good amount of the game running the point and he'll be very helpful with scoring, rebounding and assists and he still has great speed and will never be limited. 
2 Kawhi Leonard LAC 2 Leonard just rested and he should be all set to be active both games this week for the Clippers and the addition of Marcus Morris won't take usage away from him. 
3 Brandon Ingram NO 2 INJ: Ingram missed his last game with an Ankle injury and his status for Tuesday's game is still uncertain. 
4 Kelly Oubre Jr. PHX 2 Oubre will see a lot more usage if Ayton sits and he's done a very good job of toggling between both forward spots. With Dario Saric still hurt, Oubre will be needed in the post a bit more.
5 Gordon Hayward BOS 2 Hayward looks not only fully healthy, but he's moving quicker on the court and he's been crashing the boards a lot more being at SF and we can rely on him for inside production. 
6 T.J. Warren   IND 2 Warren is over his Concussion and he'll be able to keep his minutes with Oladipo back in the lineup, but he will likely begin losing shots to him and Jeremy Lamb over the next few weeks. 
7 Taurean Prince BKN 2 Prince will continue being fed at the arc. He literally camps out there every possesion and he has the ability to slash when on the ball but he always settles for three's. He'll help with boards and steals.
8 Josh Hart NO 2 If Ingram has to sit, Hart will see his usage go up and he's improved his play lately and he can sub in at multiple positions and can even run the point if needed. 
9 Bogdan Bogdanovic SAC 2 Bogdanovic will still see a good amount of shots until the big men on the Kings get healthy and he'll also see minutes as the playmaker and that will help his assists long-term. 
10 Marcus Morris LAC 2 Morris will see his role reduced a bit because of the Clippers depth. He won't get as many shots unless Kawhi Leonard or Paul George sits, but he'll still log at least 20 minutes per game. 
11 Joe Ingles UT 2 Ingles can sub in at multiple positions and even though his usage drops with Conley in the lineup, he plays good defense and will help run the point at times. Expect scoring and steals.
12 Miles Bridges CHA 2 Bridges has been playing a bit better, but he still doesn't attack unless the lane is wide open. He'll help secure mid-range blocks, but on offense he's been staying more at the arc. 
13 Joe Harris BKN 2 Harris will see more shots with Irving out, although let's not forget about Caris LeVert . Harris will also see minutes behind Taurean Prince and with Irving out, he'll still hit the 25-minute mark.
14 Harrison Barnes SAC 2 Barnes will spend a bit more time at Power Forward if Marvin Bagley III can't make it back this season. He'll be able to get minutes at both forward spots and he'll help produce some boards. 
15 Jae Crowder MIA 2 Crowder could be seeing a bigger role right out of the gate because of the injuries to Tyler Herro and Jimmy Butler . If needed, he can even sub in at PF and play in the post a bit more. 
16 Tobias Harris PHI 1 Harris will see more competition for shots with additions of Glenn Robinson III and Alec Burks . He'll still be the third option for the team, but maybe he'll start slashing to the rim a bit more. 
17 Troy Brown Jr. WSH 2 Brown will benefit from the departure of Jordan McRae , but we'll have to see how many shots Shabazz Napier takes when in the game. Brown should be able to be the second or third shooter. 
18 OG Anunoby TOR 2 With Norman Powell out, Anunoby's defense is needed and we certainly can't rely on his offense and that's where another option like Terence Davis will thrive, but Anunoby can guard the elbow. 
19 Dorian Finney-Smith DAL 2 Finney-Smith will see more shots as long as Luka Doncic is out and with other guard options banged up, he'll get more time with the ball. His defense will keep him playing deep into games. 
20 Eric Paschall GSW 2 With Glenn Robinson III traded, Paschall won't have to rely on Draymond Green missing games as much in order to log serious minutes. He'll help out a bunch at Small Forward for the rest of the way. 

Power Forward

RANK NAME Team # Games Analysis
1 Giannis Antetokounmpo MIL 2 There's a chance that Antetokounmpo has to sit out for his first game of the week because of personal reasons and it's still unknown whether or not he'll suit up for Monday's game.
2 Anthony Davis LAL 2 Davis is fully healthy and he shouldn't see any kind of minutes limit this week and he'll be able to continue being the most dominant second option in the league. 
3 John Collins ATL 2 Collins will be right behind Davis as one of the most dominant second scorers, at least until Clint Capela returns to the floor. Collins won't have to share with Capela for at least another week.
4 Pascal Siakam TOR 2 Siakam will see even more time with the ball if Kyle Lowry sits. He'll become the undisputed top option for the team and he'll get a lot of time to drive and draw contact. 
5 Paul George LAC 2 George is healthy and should see full minutes this week in both of his games. Always be in the know with who is available because you never know when the Clippers will give George a rest game. 
6 Jayson Tatum BOS 2 The Celtics are healthier and Tatum won't see extra usage, but he'll continue working his mid-range game. We can't always rely on him to grab a good amount of boards but his minutes are safe.
7 Kristaps Porzingis DAL 2 Porzingis will continue to see heavy volume on offense as the Mavs top option while Doncic is out. He's been very helpful on the glass lately and he'll block shots consistently. 
8 LaMarcus Aldridge SAS 2 Aldridge will continue being the second option and he hasn't looked back over his last couple of games as he seems over his Thumb injury. 
9 Danilo Gallinari OKC 2 Gallinari doesn't have a lot of competition behind him for minutes and he'll continue being the third option on the team and he'll get fed a lot at the arc and he'll grab long boards. 
10 Zion Williamson NO 2 INJ: Williamson missed his last game with a sprained Ankle and his status for Tuesday is still up in the air. Don't be surprised if the Pelicans play it safe and hold him out for one or both of his games.
11 Serge Ibaka TOR 2 Ibaka will continue filling in at Center and until we get a clear timetable regarding Marc Gasol , we'll keep Ibaka with the Power Forwards. If Gasol needs to miss major time, he'll shift to Center.
12 Bojan Bogdanovic UT 2 Bogdanovic has been clutch lately and the Jazz will continue feeding him shots. It can be frustrating at times because he'll often stay at the arc and he won't grab as many boards. 
13 Draymond Green GSW 2 Green won't always help with scoring, and he's been banged up throughout the season. He'll help more with boards, dimes and steals. He'll be the ultimate bailout option from the arc if needed. 
14 Aaron Gordon ORL 2 Gordon will continue to benefit from Isaac being out and he's been playing more in the post and has improved his rebounding numbers because of it. He'll always get a good amount of shots. 
15 Nemanja Bjelica SAC 2 Bjelica's value is safe because we don't know if we'll see Bagley return to the court. Once Richaun Holmes returns, Holmes will start at Center and Bjelica will get majority of the Power Forward minutes.
16 Kevin Love CLE 1 Love only has one game this week, but it will be interesting to see if Andre Drummond takes away from his usage at all. Love will still be the top shooting option, but Drummond will be fed a lot inside.
17 Carmelo Anthony POR 2 Anthony's value is safe with Zach Collins still out and he'll always grab cheap boards at the elbow and even with the arrival of Trevor Ariza , he's been able to keep his shots and minutes. 
18 Myles Turner IND 2 Turner is very hit or miss when it comes to production as he doesn't play in the same spots in games. Some games he's more in the post and in others, he stays more at the arc.
19 Julius Randle NY 1 Randle will see even more shots with Morris off the team and he should be able to average in the 20's in scoring by the end of the season. Expect Randle to always play deep into games. 
20 PJ Washington CHA 2 Washington will see a lot of shots from the arc and his rebounding, which we were able to rely on earlier in the season, has become a bit inconsistent. His minutes will remain safe.


RANK NAME Team # Games Analysis
1 Karl-Anthony Towns MIN 2 Towns will see even more shots until Russell is ready to return. He'll remain the top option for Minnesota after not getting dealt at the deadline. 
2 Nikola Jokic DEN 2 Jokic is over his early-season struggles and we can rely on him more for overall production. He gives us top production with scoring and rebounding, but he also helps big time with assists. 
3 Hassan Whiteside POR 2 Whiteside will continue to play a lot of minutes with Jusuf Nurkic still hurt and suffering an additional injury while in rehab. Whiteside will help out a ton with points and boards. 
4 Domantas Sabonis IND 2 Sabonis has been a strong producer all year and his shots shouldn't be impacted with Oladipo back on the court and he'll produce mainly from the inside, but can step out and drain three's if needed. 
5 Rudy Gobert UT 2 Gobert is a beast in the paint and it's very hard to box him out and he'll help a ton with scoring, boards and especially with blocks and he hardly has any depth behind him. 
6 Nikola Vucevic ORL 2 Vucevic will continue being the top option for Orlando and he'll get a few shots from long-range as well. The other active big men besides Gordon don't produce consistently enough.
7 Bam Adebayo MIA 2 Adebayo will continue being the second scoring option for the Heat and he's another big man with handles and he'll even help produce assists and bring up the ball on transition. 
8 Deandre Ayton PHX 2 INJ: Ayton's Ankle is sore and there's a chance that he has to sit for his first game of the week on Monday. If he can't go, Cheick Diallo will see a lot more playing time.
9 Andre Drummond CLE 1 Drummond will have just one game before the All-Star Break and he should easily be able to play 30 minutes per game with Tristan Thompson relegated to the bench.
10 Joel Embiid PHI 1 Embiid shouldn't see his shots impacted by the trades that Philly made but if the Sixers need more help hitting three's and the offense starts flowing better, he may finally play more in the post. 
11 Montrezl Harrell LAC 2 Harrell will keep seeing a lot of minutes off the bench and Marcus Morris being around shouldn't impact him because he gets most of his minutes at Center. Ivica Zubac is normally limited with PT.
12 Jarrett Allen BKN 2 Allen should be able to get more plays in the post while Irving is off the floor. Irving takes a lot of time because of his isolation. He'll still be prioritized over DeAndre Jordan .
13 Davis Bertans WSH 2 Bertans will see more minutes and shots with Thomas Bryant back on the shelf. He'll be competing against Mo Wagner for minutes when (if) the Wizards get fully healthy. Expect a lot of three's!
14 Steven Adams OKC 2 Adams hasn't been scoring as much this season and he's had to miss games because of isolated injuries, but he still remains the starter and he'll help grab boards and block shots more consistently.
15 Derrick Favors NO 2 Favors could see his usage go way up if Ingram and Williamson need to sit. He'll still get starts and help out right from under the basket for the most part and score and grab boards.
16 DeAndre Jordan BKN 2 Jordan still gets enough minutes to be relevant and he'll see a good amount of playing time versus opposing second unit Centers and he'll help with boards and blocks. 
17 Brook Lopez MIL 2 Lopez doesn't grab as many boards, but he'll see more shots if Antetokounmpo ends up sitting for the Bucks first game of the week. He'll still be helpful blocking shots. 
18 Enes Kanter BOS 2 Kanter is healthy and shouldn't see any minutes restrictions this week. He'll be splitting minutes with Daniel Theis and Kanter is a volume producer who doesn't need a lot of playing time to produce.
19 Jonas Valanciunas MEM 1 Valanciunas has been getting more playing time and we'll see if Gorgui Dieng and Brandon Clarke end up taking time away from him long-term, but for now, we should see more 30-minute games. 
20 Cody Zeller CHA 2 Zeller can't always be trusted to score in double figures, but he's been helpful grabbing boards and steals. He still gets 23 minutes per game and the Hornets don't have a lot of big man depth.