RANK NAME Team # Games Analysis
1 OKC 3 There are a lot more teams w/ shorter slates than usual and Westbrook keeps the top spot because of his multi-category dominance.
2 BOS 4 Irving has seperated himself as the top scoring option for the Celtics. He also keeps the ball a lot and he's been calling off other players so he can score off of isolation plays. 
3 CHA 4 INJ: Walker has been dealing w/ a minor Neck injury, but he should be active for his full slate of games this week.
4 GSW 3
5 MEM 4 Conley will continue to serve as the Grizzlies top scoring weapon and he'll be helpful in assists and steals as he has quick hands that benefit him on both sides of the ball. 
6 BKN 4
7 PHI 3 Simmons is fully over being sick and owners can expect full usage as he's able to dominate in producing points, boards, dimes and steals.
8 ATL 4
9 HOU 3 Paul is back in action and he hasn't had to sit out since returning showing that his Hamstring is once again healthy. He's a multi-category producer who will be the Rockets second scoring option.
10 WSH 3
11 IND 4
12 NY 4
13 MIL 3 Bledsoe continues to be a solid defender on the perimeter and owners can expect him to continue to be the third scoring option and he'll get more opportunities from three-point land. 
14 DEN 4 INJ: Murray will miss his first game of the week w/ an Ankle injury, but there is a chance he can make it back for the rest of the slate if the pain subsides.
15 CHI 3 The Bulls backcourt will need to step it up and handle more of the offense w/ their big man depth not at a good spot. Expect Dunn to take more shots this week.
16 LAL 3
17 TOR 2 Lowry would be much higher in these rankings but the Raptors drew the short slate this week and he'll be limited because of it. Expect a lot of scoring and assists. 
18 UT 3 Rubio will continue to get more shots in the Jazz offense w/ other guards still a bit banged up. He's down the priority list and is a more reliable of a passer than a scorer. 
19 OKC 3 Schroder gets a lot of love in the Thunder's second unit and he'll score a good amount of points and help w/ assists. He'll play more off the ball w/ Westbrook when they share the court.
20 NO 3


RANK NAME Team # Games Analysis
1 HOU 3 Harden continues to impress even w/ Paul back on the floor. His scoring may dip a small amount but he's still the biggest scoring threat in the NBA so it shouldn't hurt him much.
2 NO 3 As stated above, w/ the Pelicans bigs injured and possibly on the move via trade, Holiday becomes a top scoring option once again this week and he'll have some time on the ball to produce dimes. 
3 WSH 3 Beal has seen his usage go way up since Wall got hurt and the scoring is where we see a big boost and he'll continue to take plenty of shots in the Wizards offense. 
4 LAC 4 Williams is fully healthy and recently produced a triple-double. Expect him to be help w/ scoring, rebounding and dimes. He gets a ton of minutes w/ the Clippers second unit.
5 NY 4 The Knicks continue to lack scoring weapons and Hardaway is far and away their top scoring option. Expect him to get plenty of time w/ the ball and his assists should go up this week.
6 CHA 4 Lamb has been a strong second scorig option for the Hornets and he gets a lot of open three's from constant movement on the court and he'll also grab a good amount of long boards.
7 SAS 3 INJ: DeRozan is dealing w/ multiple injuries and he's missed his last two games. He was close to playing in his last game and he could potentially play his full slate of games.
8 DEN 4 Mitchell continues to be the top scoring option for the Jazz and he'll see not only a lot of shots but he'll also see more time w/ the ball and that will continue to help his assist-totals.
11 CHI 3 LaVine will always get a high volume of shots in the Bulls offense and owners can expect help w/ dimes and steals as well. He's very quick when he runs the floor. 
12 GSW 3 Thompson is used as mainly a bailout scorer, but he will get time w/ the ball w/ the second unit to show his driving skills and he'll help w/ steals on the defensive end. 
13 MIL 3 Middleton continues to see a lot of long-range jumpers and he'll also produce dimes for owners because he's been successful at drawing out the extra defender and then he'll hit the cutter.
14 BOS 4 Smart's offense is all over the board, but his perimeter defense is strong and w/ the full slate, owners can expect consistent steals from him. He'll also grab long boards.
15 IND 4 Evans picks up a lot of usage w/ Oladipo out for the rest of the season and he'll be a multi-category producer and expect him to bring up the ball a good amount w/ the second unit. 
16 MIL 3 Brogdon will see minutes at both guard spots and he's perfectly capable of being productive both on and off the ball. He's got a quick drive and he's always moving and finds openings. 
17 PHI 3 Redicks will always see a lot of shots in this offense, but, he's proven that he's more than just a three-point shooter. He'll push the ball inside and compile assists.
18 PHX 2
19 Dwyane Wade MIA 3 Father Prime continues to show that he has something left in the tank and he's been very helpful w/ scoring from mid and long-range and he'll pull down long boards and even run the point.
20 ORL 3 Fournier will continue to get a handful of shots and he'll creep inside the perimeter. Owners should expect him to help w mainly scoring. 


RANK NAME Team # Games Analysis
1 MIL 3 The Greek Freak reclaims the top spot w/ a lot of others having shorter slate. As always, expect multi-category production. The only thing he won't give you is three's.
2 OKC 3 George is a very proactive second scoring option and he's an excellent defender on the perimeter in the post. Expect plenty of points and steals. 
3 GSW 3 Durant is the Warriors 1A option and he'll even get time w/ the ball to try and drive. Expect help w/ boards and steals consistently. 
4 DAL 3 Doncic will continue playing multiple positions and he's most effective when running the point. If the Mavs trade Dennis Smith Jr, expect more usage. 
5 IND 4 Barton is fully healthy and he'll get a lot of minutes and produce at multiple positions. He'll even help facilitate the offense. A lot of his production will come w/ the second unit.
7 ATL 4 Prince is fully healthy and we can expect full minutes and usage and he'll be the Hawks third scoring option for the immediate future. Expect him to play consistently in the 20's and 30's.
8 BKN 4 INJ: Harris is dealing w/ a minor Hip tweak and there's a chance he misses his first game of the week because of it.
9 MEM 4 Holiday's usage may drop a bit if Kyle Anderson returns this week, but he should still get a lot of playing time w/ the Grizzlies second unit and he'll still pick up a good amount of shots. 
10 BOS 4 Hayward is mainly a scoring option. He doesn't really do anything else except to wait to be fed at the arc. He needs to cut to the basket and bang on the boards more.
11 PHI 3 INJ: Butler has been dealing w/ a Wrist injury that has cost him his last three games. Reports are saying that he should be back in the Sixers lineup for the start of their three game slate.
12 TOR 2 Leonard would be much higher on these rankings if he didn't draw the short slate. Always account for a possible "rest" game from him. That's the risk you take when you own him.
13 MIA 3 Richardson will get plenty of time to play both on and off the ball. He'll run the point a decent amount and get a good amount of shots in the Heat's offense.
14 WSH 3 Ariza will continue to get a lot of minutes and be one of the main defenders on the Wizards. Expect a lot of three's and steals. He'll also pull down long rebounds.
15 SAS 3
16 WSH 3 Porter will see playing time at both forward spots and he will take a lot of three's and grab steals. He's a really good defender. He and Ariza are pretty much the same player at this point.
17 MIA 3 Winslow will see minutes at multiple positions and he'll even get time to run the point. He plays good mid-court defense and owners can expect boards and steals consistently. 
18 UT 3 Ingles gets a good amount of shots from the arc and he'll also play strong defense at the arc. Expect him to help a bit w/ boards and assists. He takes a lot of high-percentage shots. 
19 LAC 4 INJ: Gallinari is not looking good for his first game of the week, but, he hasn't been ruled out yet. Even if he doesn't play, he can still possibly make it back for his other three games this week.
20 LAL 3 INJ: It continues to be unclear whether or not James will return this week. He has been practicing and there is a chance he could return this week. No clear timetable but if he plays, he won't be limited. 


RANK NAME Team # Games Analysis
1 ATL 4
2 LAC 4 Harris continues to be the Clippers top scorer and he'll always look to cut to the basket once he steps inside the arc. He'll take plenty of shots from the outside and he'll grab good amount of boards.
3 DET 3
4 BOS 4 Tatum gets a lot of love in the Celtics rotation and he'll play the SF spot a good amount. Expect three's and steals and blocks. He fights hard for boards as well.
5 BOS 4 Morris continues to be the Celtics enforcer and he'll get a lot of open long-range shots and when defenders back up against him, he'll drive the lane. He'll also help out big on the glass.
6 DEN 4 Millsap continues to be a strong mid-range and low-post option who will often call for the ball and draw a lot of contact in the lane. He'll help w/ boards a good amount too. 
7 NY 4 Vonleh's production has dropped a bit lately, but he'll still get a good amount of plays called for him as the Knicks don't have many other big men options. 
8 NO 3 INJ: Randle has missed his last two games w/ an Ankle injury and it's uncertain whether or not he'll play the full slate. Pelicans are dealing w/ a lot of injuries and if he plays his usage will be really high.
9 Thaddeus Young IND 4 Young will see more time w/ the ball w/ Oladipo out of the way. He's a slasher who will push his way through the lane and he'll even score off of second chance opportunities.
10 SAS 3 Jackson will take a good amount of long-range jumpers, but he'll also help in the paint a good amount and especially on the blocks end. He has good leaping ability.
12 CHA 4 Williams has improved his play over the last month and w/ other Hornets big men still hurt, he'll play more in the post and help w/boards and blocks and take a lot of mid-range shots.
13 MEM 4 Green has been a bit banged up, but he gets a lot of run and production w/ the Grizzlies second unit and he bangs in the post and draws a lot of contact.
14 ORL 3 Gordon continues to be the Magic's second scoring option and he'll get a lot of time w/ the ball to run isolation plays. He'll consistently play in the 30's and he'll grab a lot of boards. 
15 GSW 3 Green has been able to stay on the court and he'll help out a ton w/ boards, dimes, steals and blocks. Scoring is not as easy for him. 
16 CHI 3 Markkanen will continue to stretch the floor w/ his long-range shooting ability. Expect him to provide help w/ boards and blocks as well.
17 LAL 3 INJ: Kuzma missed his previous game because of a Hip injury and his status is uncertain for his first game of the week.
18 DAL 3 Barnes will see more usage if Smith is traded. He can be relied on to grab steals and score from mid and long-range. He likes to attack the basket and he's not afraid to draw contact. 
19 CHI 3
20 OKC 3 Grant is used mainly as a bailout option in the offense, but on defense he'll grab a good amount of boards and steals. 


RANK NAME Team # Games Analysis
1 DEN 4 Jokic will do a little bit of everything for Denver as their top option. He'll even have a good amount of time w/ the ball. Expect help in all areas and w/ the full slate he takes the top spot. 
2 MEM 4 Gasol is the Grizzlies second option who will call for the ball in the post and he will shoot three's. Expect consistent help w/ boards and blocks too. 
3 PHI 3 INJ: Even though the Sixers held out Embiid for rest on Saturday, he is dealing w/ Back pain and that's the real reason why he was held out because he's been playing through pain. Watch out for "resting".
4 ORL 3 Vucevic remains the Magic's top option and he'll score a ton of points and grab a ton of boards. He has tremendous post moves and he's hard to keep out of the paint. 
5 IND 4 Sabonis continues to impress and he'll always find ways to not only get to the rim, but position himself nicely for a second-chance scoring opportunity. 
6 NY 4 Kanter will play until he is traded. Don't be surprised to see the Knicks really limit him if he's not dealt by the deadline. He'll help a ton w/ points and boards. 
7 DET 3 Drummond is a low-block specific center who will be the Pistons second scoring option. Expect him to grab a ton of boards in most games he plays in.
8 UT 3 Gobert is anotherinside-specific Center who will produce from the low-block. Expect consistent points, boards and blocks.
9 IND 4 Turner has been able to stay healthy and he will take a good amount of long-range jumpers. He will also help w/ boards and blocks on defense.
10 BOS 4 Horford moves up w/ the full slate an even though his scoring is down this year, he still provides enough boards and blocks to be a legit option.
11 LAC 4 Harrell does a lot of the Clippers dirty work and he will get most of his points and boards w/ the second unit. He's one of the most productive big men to come off the bench this season. 
12 BKN 4 INJ: Ayton has missed his last five games, but the short slate of games could work in his favor because he is close to coming back. Status uncertain for his short slate.
13 MIN 2 Towns would absolutely be higher in the rankings as a multi-category producer, but he unfortunately drew the short slate this week.
14 ATL 4 When Dedmon has a full slate, he makes the list. He spends a little too much time at the arc waiting to be fed for a big man on offense. He will grab a good amount of boards on defense.
15 DAL 3 Jordan is still pretty limited offensively, but when Doncic is running the point, he's able to get to the basket more. Expect a lot of rebounds and blocks. 
16 MIA 3 Whiteside's minutes are still being monitored and owners should expect a good amount of games in which he plays in the mid-20's. He's good for a healthy amount of points, boards and blocks. 
17 OKC 3 Adams is the Thunder's go-to big man in the post and he's excellent off of the pick and roll and he has one-handed post moves. He'll also be a big help in pulling down boards. 
18 CHA 4 Biyombo is more a defensive stat producer as scoring does not come easy for him. He's a good volume player when it comes to rebounding. He can always be relied on to pull down boards. 
19 DEN 4 INJ: Davis is looking like he'll return from his injury at some point this week. He has a chance to play his full slate. He also could be traded very soon and that will certainly impact his slate for the week.