Player Team # Games Comment
1) Stephen Curry GSW 3 It does not matter who Curry is matched up against as he always finds success.
2) Russell Westbrook OKC 3 Westbrook will still be very productive when Kevin Durant comes back. 
3) Chris Paul LAC 4 Despite the Clippers looking out of sync, Paul is still an incredible game manager with an awesome shot selection. 
4) Eric Bledsoe PHX 4 The Suns backcourt continues to be their primary weapon and Bledsoe can absolutely be considered as a No. 1 option. 
5) Kyle Lowry TOR 3 The excellent shooting, passing and quickness from Lowry will make him a prime All-Star candidate. 
6) Rajon Rondo SAC 4 Darren Collison being back in the mix will hit Rondo’s playing time a bit, but he can still be productive in volume. 
7) Mike Conley MEM 4 Conley has been moving a lot better on the court and it is resulting in more lane-driving opportunities for him. 
8) Isaiah Thomas BOS 4 Definitely the most reliable option on the Celtics from a scoring standpoint. He is one of the most aggressive guards in the league. 
9) Kemba Walker CHA 4 Walker’s shooting has improved and has been scoring more in games.
10) Jeff Teague ATL 4 Teague is fully healthy and should not be on any kind of minute’s restriction moving forward. Teague’s scoring may take a bit of a hit. 
11) John Wall WSH 4 Bradley Beal is back in the mix and will take a few games to re-adjust. Wall still fills up the stat sheet when the Wizards are at full strength.
12) Reggie Jackson DET 4 Jackson has been able to be a very productive combo guard for the Pistons as he has been hitting Drummond in the post without any issues. That will help him rack up more assists. 
13) Michael Carter-Williams MIL 4 Carter-Williams has been able to spread the floor and hit the Bucks wing players very well. He is most effective when shooting in the 43 percent area. 
14) Damian Lillard POR 2 We all know how lethal Lillard’s shot is, but, has only two games to show it this week. 
15) Jarrett Jack BKN 3 Jack has been an effective scorer all season and has even had high rebounding and assist games. Generally, the more he scores, the lower the other categories. 
16) Elfrid Payton ORL 4 Filled in nicely while Victor Oladipo was recovering from a concussion. Payton can also hit the open trey. 
17) Mo Williams CLE 4 LeBron James’ complimentary weapon who is often open in the corner and knocks down clutch jumpers.  
18) Deron Williams DAL 3 We have seen spurts of Williams looking like he is 100 percent healthy and is still very involved from a scoring standpoint. 
19) T.J. McConnell PHI 4 McConnell has taken advantage of an opportunity to produce on a very poor team. He’s quick, can knock down the open jumper and good at setting the bigs up in the post.
20) Derrick Rose CHI 2 INJURY RISK: ALWAYS!


Player Team # Games Comment
1) James Harden HOU 3 Don’t let anyone else fool you, James Harden is not only the No. 1 scoring option, but is also the Coach of the Rockets. 
2) Brandon Knight PHX 4 Knight has been producing all over the court and his up-tempo style of play gives him a lot more open looks at the basket. 
3) Klay Thompson GSW 3 His consistent shooting that we are used to seeing is just not their yet, but he looks a lot more comfortable when on the court. 
4) Bradley Beal WSH 4 Beal is back in the mix and will have a ton of opportunities to get back in rhythm and will certainly be relied on.
5) Kobe Bryant LAL 3 As expected, when Bryant is in, he is the primary scoring and driving option. When he is out, we may not even know that until a few minutes before game time.  
6) Dwyane Wade MIA 3 Wade’s playing time is certainly being watched, but is still very effective and has been able to stay healthy. 
7) DeMar DeRozan TOR 3 When I watch DeRozan and he makes some of the stupid decisions he makes on offense, it makes me never want to own this guy on my fantasy team. He dribbles into traffic and gets stuffed a good amount. At the end of the day, he does put up good numbers on both sides of the ball. 
8) Eric Gordon NO 3 Gordon’s knee has not acted up and has absolutely burned opponents from downtown. He has been seeing a lot of playing time. 
9) Kevin Martin MIN 4 As Ricky Rubio continues to gain strength back in his legs, Martin’s corner three-pointer has been a good bail-out option for the Timberwolves. 
10) Monta Ellis IND 3 The Pacers guards have been battling injuries, and Ellis has needed to play a lot at point guard and has certainly risen to the occasion. 
11) Victor Oladipo ORL 4 Healthy physically but not mentally as he has been at odds with management. Scott Skiles is not afraid to take him out of games thus making him ineffective. He has been a solid guard all year.
12) Goran Dragic MIA 3 He plays better at the point guard spot rather than at shooting guard. Dragic is a creator, not a spot-up shooter. He is agile, draws contact and is good at driving the lane. The Heat have to stop trying to make him something that he is not. 
13) Trevor Ariza HOU 3 Good defense keeps Ariza in games and his jumper has been hot. He is keeping up his rebounding and steals numbers. 
14) Jimmy Butler CHI 2 Butler has scored at least 20 points in three of his last four games and has had to carry the aging Bulls virtually himself. 
15) Gordon Hayward UTAH 3 Excellent at running the floor and getting himself open. Once the Jazz go into isolation mode, though, he is not as effective.  
16) Joe Johnson BKN 3 Johnson’s stats don’t “WOW” me, but he consistently produces on offense for a team that does not even look interested in being on the court. 
17) C.J. McCollum POR 2 Only two games this week, but definitely a reliable option on offense and gets a lot of scoring opportunities. 
18) Nicolas Batum CHA 4 Batum’s scoring and rebounding numbers were a little lower than anticipated last week. He turned the ball over a lot last week. 
19) Jamal Crawford LAC 4 As the Clippers are still getting healthy, Crawford’s scoring and ball-handling will absolutely keep him in games. 
20) Kyle Korver ATL 4 Korver has been having trouble getting open and drawing contact. He is an excellent free-throw shooter but has not been getting to the line. He seems back to relying on his three-ball rather than trying to work his way inside. 


Player Team # Games Comment
1) LeBron James CLE 4 Still LeBron! Still a top option!
2) Paul George IND 3 Once again, George is playing like a top-10 player in the league and plays multiple positions. 
3) Carmelo Anthony NYK 4 Shooting a ton better and taking better shots from the elbow. Anthony is making an effort to set his teammates up. 
4) DeMarre Carroll TOR 3 Five weeks ago, I would have told him to shoot less, but he often finds himself open and needs to shoot more. He is more than just a third scoring option. 
5) Kawhi Leonard SAS 4 Leonard looks lost when on the court. LaMarcus Aldridge’s placement on the court and plays called for him are definitely impacting Leonard. He may lose more shot opportunities. Playing time will still be there. 
6) Rudy Gay SAC 4 MINOR INJURY RISK (Shoulder): Should be good to play for all four games this week, but the question remains whether or not he will need to alter his shooting motion because of shoulder pain. 
7) Andrew Wiggins MIN 4 Wiggins has been heavily relying on his shot but apparently he needs work when it comes to getting open. Wiggins has mainly been a scorer, not an assist guy. 
8) Tobias Harris ORL 4 Everything about the way Harris plays should make you want to trade for him. Harris can do it all and waits before leaving the paint so he can attempt to provide the Magic with second chance scoring opportunities. 
9) Giannis Antetokounmpo MIL 4 Playing time will be on his side because he can play multiple positions. 
10) Jeff Green MEM 4 Green has been shooting a lot better and the Memphis guards have realized it. They are constantly looking to set up Green on the wing. He is an incredible penetrator. 
11) Thaddeus Young BKN 3 Young’s offensive and defensive game have been on point. Young has been posting up with confidence and is excellent at reading screens. 
12) Danilo Gallinari DEN 3 Each week, Gallinari proves more and more why he is the Nuggets’ No. 1 scoring option. 
13) Jae Crowder BOS 4 Crowder’s defense has certainly been giving him more minutes. Crowder’s shot selection is very disciplined from mid-range. 
14) Khris Middleton MIL 4 Middleton is excellent at running the floor and causing traffic on defense on transition. He has good moves to the basket as well on offense. 
15) Luol Deng MIA 3 Deng continues to be left open but does not really play inside. Deng will have a tough time dealing with teams who put the double on the elbow rather than the paint. 
16) Harrison Barnes GSW 3 Good secondary scoring option who will call for the ball inside, pass off and then find himself open at the other side of the court. 
17) Kevin Durant OKC 3 INJURY RISK (Hamstring): You know how effective Durant is WHEN HE IS IN! Right now he is questionable to come back next game. 
18) Ersan Ilyasova DET 4 Has been scoring a lot in every other game as of late. Expect him to score 15-20 points in two of his four games this week. 
19) Wesley Matthews DAL 3 Has certainly been driving the lane more but needs to call for the ball more. Matthews will only be productive if he gets a consistent amount of shot opportunities. 
20) Chandler Parsons DAL 3 Still getting back in rhythm and is on a minutes restriction. He has shot 50 percent or better from the field in each of his last four games. 


Player Team # Games Comment
1) Anthony Davis NO 3 When the BROW is 100 percent healthy, he should always be considered a top option.
2) Paul Millsap ATL 4 Making a great case for himself as to why he should be the guy with the ball in the closing seconds of games. Drives the lane with aggressiveness and excellent at drawing contact. 
3) Blake Griffin LAC 4 If Griffin continues to play the post and work from there rather than relying on his jumper, he will be a lot more successful on offense. 
4) Kevin Love CLE 4 Love has been shooting the ball well and is seeing success when dribbling inside. 
5) Tim Duncan SAS 4 Duncan can still play the low-post very effectively and does not even need to call for the ball. He is good at crashing the boards. 
6) Greg Monroe MIL 4 Monroe tries to do a bit too much when working his way inside. If he starts deeper in the post, he will be able to back his way to the basket. 
7) LaMarcus Aldridge SAS 4 Fits into the Spurs’ offensive scheme very well and has still been getting his chances to create from the outside. 
8) Chris Bosh MIA 3 Bosh has been great in the post and it is hard to stop him once he is facing the basket. He has also been very valuable from downtown. 
9) Dirk Nowitzki DAL 3 Can still shoot lights out and his jumper is very hard to guard because he releases when he is on his way down from his jump. 
10) Draymond Green GSW 3 Green has absolutely been coming through for the Warriors on both sides of the ball. He does not shoot too much and makes sure that he has a great look. He also finds his way inside the paint when the ball is in the air. 
11) Serge Ibaka OKC 3 His shooting is starting to catch fire again and has good matchups this week. A little worried about his rebounding and block statistics. 
12) Derrick Favors UTAH 3 Favors’ rebounds and steals numbers have absolutely improved and with Rudy Gobert playing specifically in the post, his post play is absolutely required. 
13) Markieff Morris PHX 4 Morris continues to be the dominant big man on the Suns and has been playing the post very well this season. 
14) Jared Sullinger BOS 4 Fantasy owners love Sullinger for his rebounding and that should not change as long as his back stays healthy. 
15) Zach Randolph MEM 4 MINOR INJURY RISK (Knee): If Randolph is in, you can absolutely expect 12-15 points per game and 7-10 rebounds. 
16) Kenneth Faried DEN 3 Any scoring from Faried will come from right under the hoop or second chance put backs. Faried’s focuses are rebounding and blocks.
17) Pau Gasol CHI 2 Gasol has been showing his shooting touch from the elbow and that seems to be working better for him than his post moves. 
18) Kristaps Porzingis NYK 4 When facing teams with multiple skilled big men, he will have trouble but Porzingis’ aggressiveness on the boards and his confidence in his shot, shows that he wants to speed up the learning process. 
19) Marcus Morris DET 4 Even when Morris is not shooting well, his playing time still has not taken a hit and he has been a big rebounding help in his last few games. 
20) Nikola Mirotic CHI 2 Playing time has been a bit inconsistent and his shooting has been off, but he certainly can be relied on for rebounding and is coming off of an 18-point scoring effort. 


Player Team # Games Comment
1) Andre Drummond DET 4 Scored over 20 in two of his last three games and has grabbed at least 11 rebounds in every game that he has played this season. 
2) DeMarcus Cousins SAC 4 It can be argued that from a statistical standpoint, Cousins is the most dominant center in the league and he can even run the floor with the ball. 
3) Al Horford ATL 4 Still the primary scoring weapon from the elbow-inside and has great post moves and can create inside with one hand.
4) Marc Gasol MEM 4 Very consistent shooter inside and outside and logged a triple-double last week. 
5) DeAndre Jordan LAC 4 Jordan continues to be a dominant touch and shoot player inside and is very hard to keep out of the low post. 
6) Nikola Vucevic ORL 4 Vucevic is healthy again and back to creating from the high post and is seeing a lot of success because he has a quick first step to the basket. 
7) Hassan Whiteside MIA 3 Whiteside has been one of the most dominant rebounders this season and has even shown his skills on offense in the low post.
8) Karl-Anthony Towns MIN 4 Towns has picked up the big-man culture in the league quick. He has great shooting range and post moves inside. He is disciplined in the post and knows when to go up with the ball. 
9) Nerlens Noel PHI 4 Noel has been a scoring threat every other game as he has not seen as much success working his way inside from the top of the key. There is talk of making Noel the low-block player with Jahlil Okafor on the high-side at power forward. 
10) Al Jefferson CHA 4 Jefferson is ineffective when it comes to on the ball defense, but he has certainly shown his strength inside and it is very difficult to keep him out of the paint. 
11) Brook Lopez BKN 3 Lopez does not play in the paint. He is a reliable scoring option but plays like he’s afraid to cut inside. Very strange.
12) Rudy Gobert UTAH 3 Do not expect much from the offensive end outside of put backs. He can always be relied on for rebounds and blocks. 
13) Jahlil Okafor PHI 4 The Sixers are thinking about letting Okafor do more with the ball from the outside. He has a shot but will need to go in a routine and read the screens from the elbow in order to get open. 
14) Zaza Pachulia DAL 3 Pachulia has recorded three straight double-doubles and has been shooting very well from the field. He has also shown that he can provide minor help in assists. 
15) Andrew Bogut GSW 3 Very dominant inside player when his feet or ankles do not swell up and makes rebounding look easy. 
16) Tyson Chandler PHX 4 Chandler has been keeping plays alive for the Suns and does have an effective baby jumper but barely uses it.   
17) Enes Kanter OKC 3 For a bit, it seemed like Steven Adams was going to take over Kanter’s playing time, but since has responded well. He has had high-scoring nights and recently high rebounding nights. 
18) Timofey Mozgov CLE 4 Once a volume play, always a volume play.
19) Mason Plumlee POR 2 Portland is just not healthy and Plumlee has a lot of playing time at his disposal. He is coming off back to back double-double’s. 
20) Joakim Noah CHI 2 Noah provides ZERO offense and has been in the double digits in rebounding every other game. He is effective but playing time is not on his side.