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Are you sweating out a chance to go to the big game in your Fantasy League this season?  Well no matter how it works out for you there we at Fantasy Alarm are giving you a chance to attend the big game in New York City this February courtesy of our friends at Stat Clash.

If you know Football and are a Fantasy Fanatic then Stat Clash is the site for you.  They are one of the newer Daily Fantasy Sports sites but are paying out thousands of dollars every single week.  They are offering our loyal followers a 100% deposit bonus up to $600 with the Promo Code “Alarm”.  Even better is they are literally giving away FREE MONEY & one of ten Week 15 SB XLVIII Qualifier Seats to anyone who plays in the Fantasy Alarm Freeroll this Sunday.

On Stat Clash you start out with $200 for your Salary Cap.  The most expensive player this week is Adrian Peterson at $32.25 and to be honest I believe he is worth every penny against a horrendous Bears rush defense.  There are some great values at the QB position especially Josh McCown at $22.50 and Ryan Fitzpatrick at $22.  Some other notable price tags include Josh Gordon at $24.50, Victor Cruz at $23.75, Steve Smith at $19.25, Rob Gronkowski at $25.50 and Jordan Reed at $18.50 this week.

So, use some of these selections or play your season long league opponents lineup for you and win an opportunity of a lifetime this weekend.  Don’t forget that Stat Clash will be running the qualifiers every week leading up to the big Week 15 spectacular so don’t be shy.

If you’re tired of Football and want to dip your toes in the waters of NBA, College Hoops, College Football or even English Premier League then Stat Clash is the place for you.  Just remember to use the Promo Code “Alarm” for you one chance to receive a full 100% deposit bonus which basically just doubles your money right from the start.

For more information about Stat Clash's Ultimate Football Fantasy click here.

If you want any help selecting a league or a lineup on Stat Clash this week feel free to tweet me @FantasyAlarm or @Jeff_Mans anytime. 

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