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By Mark Kaplan

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Cheap Plays at each position (DraftKings price)

Shaun Livingston BKN, PG (3,900)- He makes a good start as long as he is cheap. He should play 30+ minutes while putting up close to 25 Fantasy Points (FPTs) on 15+ points and 5+ assist. Nothing special, but solid production.

Jodie Meeks LAL, SG (4,800)- Playing this guy in all lineups as he has been BALLING recently. Meeks has scored 18+ points in 3 straight games and 30+ FPTs (DK scoring) during that span. He is playing major minutes and goes against the Rockets tonight which should be a high scoring game.

Danny Green SAS, SG/SF (4,200)- Manu is out. Green put up 37 FPTs last time he played Dallas including

5-5 from long distance. Also, Like Terrence Ross as well.

Terrence Jones Hou, SF/PF (4,800)- The Lakers are brutal vs big men. Jones isn’t priced that high and could produce solid numbers like 25+ FPTS.

Robert Sacre LAL, C (3,300)- Sacre has been surprisingly good…well good for what Sacre normally does. He has had double digit points or rebounds in his last 3 games while playing just over 27 minutes during that span. 20 FPTs for a guy that is basically the lowest value you can get is not too shabby.


Players that should have big night.

I think the Portland vs Orlando game has a lot of sweet plays, but I am worried this a blowout from the get go so I am fading all of these players. Ditto for the Brooklyn/Golden State game.

Andre Drummond DET, PF/C (7,300)- Drummond has been very consistent recently as he has averaged 14.3 points and 15.6 rebounds the last 3 games. Should easily get 35 FPTs with the possibility of having a huge night.

DeMar DeRozan TOR,SG/SF (7,400)- Double D Has produced 41 FPTs or more in 3 out of his last 4 games (the other game he had 35 FPTs) and faces the Pistons tonight who don’t really know what defense is. Plus, who doesn’t love Double D’s?

Josh Smith Det, SF/PF (7,000)– He has been productive recently and should have a solid game tonight. Just don’t watch him shoot from long distance because you will throw up from how ugly his shot is.

Anthony Davis PF/C (9,200)- This is the high priced player I am rolling with tonight. Mr. Anderson (Ryan) is hurt which means more minutes for Davis. He faces the Wizards who are starting Trevor Booker so A.D. should have a monster game.

Blake Griffin (9,000)/DeAndre Jordan(6,800) LAC,PF/C – Both of these guys should have a monster game as long as it isn’t a blowout. Big men have feasted on the Boston frontcourt so look for these guys to dominate tonight,


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