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Last night was a bad night. There is no way around it and if you read my blurbs in here then you kind of had an idea that we were due for a let down. What is important is that you understand that nights like last are perfectly normal. If you are the type to freak out about a loss or a bad night I am telling you that DFS is simply not for you. This is a game for strong minded and willed people who are not going to let losses drag them down. The fact is Collin McHugh was a dog for the first time in over a year last night and for that we will never forgive him. The good news is that we have Matt Harvey in a very tasty matchup this evening and we will attack that with all the verocity of a hungry wolf alone in a dark forest. 

If you managed to pull out your 50/50's yesterday congratulations. This is a sign that you are advancing and are a force to be reckon with in this game. For today we are ignoring the three early games which sucks because I'd love to get me some shares of Gio Gonzalez, Bryce Harper or Mark Trumbo but such is life. Let's focus on the big 12 game slate that begins at 7:05 PM ET. 

Here is the DFS MLB Playbook for Wednesday May 13th:

Matt Harvey SP NYM CHI 7,950 10,300 10,400 By FAR the best on the board today
Jimmy Nelson SP MIL CWS 6,250 6,900 6,100 Great price, good K's & good matchup
Cole Hamels SP PHI PIT 7,000 9,400 10,100 Pirates don't hit LHP, Phillies do
Miguel Gonzalez SP BAL TOR 5,500 7,600 5,700 .198 BAA Vs Jays; O's will kill Sanchez
Yasmani Grandal C LA MIA 4,850 3,000 4,400 .640 wOBA over last 5 games
Buster Posey C SF HOU 5,250 3,500 4,300 .328/.388/.572 career Vs LHP
Francisco Cervelli C PIT PHI 4,000 2,200 2,700 .300/.417/.300 Vs LHP in 2015
Andrew Susac C SF HOU 3,650 2,200 3,100 VALUE PLAY
Freddie Freeman 1B ATL CIN 5,350 3,900 4,900 .619 wOBA in last 6 games
Chris Davis 1B BAL TOR 4,650 3,700 4,500 Sanchez giving up .412 wOBA Vs LHB
Logan Morrison 1B SEA SD 4,500 3,000 3,700 Taking walks & hitting HR's
Robinson Cano 2B SEA SD 5,100 3,400 4,300 34-84 (.405) 4 HR Vs Shields
Jace Peterson 2B ATL CIN 3,750 2,300 3,500 Value, OB machine with speed
Sean Rodriguez 2B/OF PIT PHI 3,650 2,200 3,000 VALUE PLAY
Kyle Seager 3B SEA SD 4,900 3,000 4,000 Mid-level price for high level production
Adrian Beltre 3B TEX KC 5,000 3,100 4,500 3 consecutive 2 hit games w/ 2 HR's
Mike Moustakas 3B KC TEX 4,750 2,700 4,000 FD price is excellent, hot zone matchup
Jimmy Paredes 3B/2B BAL TOR 4,900 3,400 4,300 Has failed to reach base ONCE this year
Troy Tulowitzki SS COL LAA 5,650 4,400 4,500 Have to start using him again at this $
Alexei Ramirez SS CWS MIL 4,500 2,700 4,100 Centering the ball, power surge to come
Zack Cozart SS CIN ATL 4,700 2,600 3,700 PH last night, should be good to go
Carlos Gomez OF MIL CWS 5,200 4,000 5,100 Hot zones scream big game
Seth Smith OF SEA SD 4,700 2,400 3,600 6-14 (.429) 2 BB in last 4 games
Marlon Byrd OF CIN ATL 4,750 2,900 4,400 .520 wOBA over last 7 games
Kole Calhoun OF LAA COL 4,850 3,100 4,100 10-28 (357) 4 XBH in last 7 games
Ryan Braun OF MIL CWS 5,050 4,100 4,900 .336/.401/.629 career Vs LHP
Justin Maxwell OF SF HOU 4,350 2,800 2,900 .826 career OPS Vs finesse LHP, value
Corey Hart OF PIT PHI 4,000 2,200 3,000 VALUE PLAY
Matt Joyce OF LAA COL 3,550 2,200 3,100 VALUE PLAY