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Let’s see what is going on in and around NFL Training Camp on this Wednesday August 13th:

The Jury Has Reached Their Verdict

My hunch is that by the time you read this Training Camp Report, the decision on Josh Gordon’s suspension will be announced. I say this because of some very strange behavior both yesterday and today at Browns camp Berea, Ohio.

Gordon has been held out the last two days with a “minor injury” which is kind of like a TV show character pulling a can that says “BEER” out of the family refrigerator.

About 20 minutes before practice today Browns owner Jimmy Haslam pulled Gordon aside as the two engaged in a 10 minute conversation. Neither appeared very happy and it looked as though Haslam did nearly all of the talking. When they parted Gordon went into the team facility and wasn’t seen again.

After speaking with Gordon, Haslam made the rounds to head coach Mike Pettine, then on to new GM Ray Farmer and finally team president Alec Scheiner. Each conversation lasted approximately the same amount of time and had a very similar tone in each.  

My prediction is that Gordon is suspended for the season. If he gets the “indefinitely” tag he is in real trouble as far as his career is concerned. If he only gets 8 games it would be an insane win for screw-up players everywhere. But even 8 games is AWFUL for someone who some of you have made a sixth round draft pick. I will have plenty of reaction to this story as soon as it is publically announced.


When Bad Teams Do Bad Things

Has anybody seen the footage from the Raiders/Cowboys brawl yesterday? I always feel that when terrible players fight other terrible players somewhere an innocent puppy dies. This was chaotic as the two teams pushed, pulled and swung their way into where the fans were standing watching practice.

Evidently a Raiders fan allegedly hit Cowboys CB B.W. Webb’s three times with an open hand and then swung a loose helmet that connected with Webb as well.

The brawl started when Cowboys CB Morris Claiborne unnecessarily tackled Raiders TE Mychal Rivera over by the sideline where the fans were standing. Claiborne then stood over Rivera talking ‘dat trash and was then greeted by Raiders WR Greg Little who tossed Claiborne aside and the melee began. Though it is funny to watch when bad players and teams beat up on one another (kinda like bumfights) this is very dangerous for the fans and for the NFL who could very easily be facing lawsuits after this incident.

This Is How The Game Is Played

Buffalo Bills General Manager (yeah they have a GM, an owner and everything….almost like a REAL NFL team!) Doug Whaley told the media today that no team has called him about the availability of RB C.J. Spiller. Let’s also mention this was completely unprovoked also when he went into this. It is kind of like me shouting at my wife, “I wasn’t watching animal pornography!!” in the middle of dinner.

The point here is that the Bills want to trade Spiller and they are letting the world know it. It’s General Manager 101 here. Who knows what will come of this but I can guarantee that Mr. Whaley’s phone rings a few times this week with inquiries about the speedy RB.

Could you imagine C.J. Spiller in New Orleans? Rumor has it that the Saints are VERY interested in Spiller and feel that is the type of player that can be their “workhorse.” Whether or not there is a deal that can be made with New Orleans or anyone else only time will tell. But it is obvious that the best thing for C.J. Spiller and more importantly his fantasy value is for him to get as far away from Buffalo as possible.

Swami Says

When you are watching the Chiefs/Panthers game on Sunday remember that back on Wednesday this fantasy football guy named Jeff Mans told you that Chiefs WR Junior Hemingway was going to see a lot of targets. Now “a lot” in Chiefs passing terms means like four probably but still. Hemingway is playing for a larger role in the Chiefs passing game and has played lights out this week in practice.

Hemingway was out with a hamstring injury for the last week of training camp and missed the Chiefs first preseason game. But he is back and making an impact during practice elevating himself already up into first team snaps.

Like A Maclin

Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin is freaking me out these days. I started out this season thinking that he was going to be an excellent find in the middle round but he is feeling the impact of missing so much time with a torn ACL last year.

Today Maclin suffered a hamstring injury while running a route and took himself out of practice immediately. So when the Eagles practice ended the sight was a half naked Jeremy Maclin sitting in the training room while a heat pack on his hamstring and ice on his surgically repaired knee. This isn’t the look you want in your WR2 this fantasy football season.