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That San Diego/Atlanta game really screwed up the week for seasonal fantasy baseball leagues today. Since when do we have noon EST first pitch on a Monday in July? Ridiculous. But it's another reason why daily fantasy baseball is catching on so rapidly. Tonight we have a nine game slate to play with including some aces in real good spots. 

As I've said 100 times in the past few weeks, Yu Darvish makes me nervous with his neck injury and the erratic nature of his strikeout totals lately (5, 12, 8, 6, 10) but is in a real good spot at home against the struggling Yankees bats. It's always good to have your starters playing at home and that is the case with three of the top four starting pitchers tonight.

With the smaller slate I am not real focused on tournaments this evening. Thus I am not stacking anyone tonight. If I were to (since I know that you'll ask) I would probably go with the Oakland A's or Colorado Rockies despite not being at Coors Field. 

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Here is the DFS Playbook for Monday July 28th:

Player Pos DraftKings Fanduel Aces
Yu Darvish P 11,400 11,000 7,350
Madison Bumgarner P 10,100 9,300 6,800
Jesse Chavez P 8,000 7,800 6,200
Jake Odorizzi P 8,000 7,700 5,600
Wilin Rosario C 4,100 3,000 4,750
Miguel Montero C 3,900 2,800 4,750
Adam LaRoche 1B 4,500 2,900 4,800
Lucas Duda 1B/OF 4,200 3,500 4,700
Ben Zobrist 2B/SS 4,000 3,500 5,000
D.J. LeMahieu 2B 3,700 2,400 N/A
Josh Donaldson 3B 5,100 4,300 5,350
Nolan Arenado 3B 4,400 3,200 5,000
Ian Desmond SS 4,700 3,900 5,100
Josh Rutledge SS  4,300 3,500 4,550
Jose Reyes SS 5,200 3,900 5,350
Giancarlo Stanton OF 5,400 4,900 5,700
Yoenis Cespedes OF 5,300 4,000 5,300
Jose Bautista OF 5,500 4,800 5,750
Christian Yelich OF 4,100 3,800 4,800
David Peralta OF 3,500 3,200 4,000
Matt Joyce OF 3,900 3,200 4,800
Chris Young OF 3,400 2,600 5,600
Junior Lake OF 3,400 2,200 4,350
Marc Krauss OF 2,700 2,200 3,950


For more information on how to use the DFS Playbook or how to form your own general DFS strategy, check out our DFS Strategies section of the Fantasy Alarm website. 

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