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Finally we have a day of immense pitching for us to select from. It seems like we have been living off of table scraps ever since the All-Star Game but today there are plenty of high quality choices. It's very hard to go away from Clayton Kershaw though he is on the road tonight and will cost you a small fortune. Others like Julio Teheran, Cliff Lee, Chris Sale and Justin Verlander also are on the bump tonight and present some upside for us as well. 

But if you are paying for pitching tonight it is going to be difficult finding value bats as there just aren't many compelling numbers to follow this evening. If you are looking to stack some lineups tonight I am feeling once again going with the Oakland A's as my main stack followed by the Milwaukee Brewers and the Chicago White Sox. If you want to go real off the radar I think that the Cleveland Indians are also in a good spot aginst Jeremy Guthrie tonight.

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Here is the DFS Playbook for Saturday July 26th:

Player Pos DraftKings Fanduel Aces
Clayton Kershaw P 13,400 11,900 7,800
Julio Teheran P 9,800 9,100 6,550
Chris Sale P 12,300 10,500 7,500
Sonny Gray P 9,100 9,300 6,600
Jonathan Lucroy C 4,500 4,100 5,300
Wilin Rosario C 4,100 2,700 4,750
Salvador Perez C 3,900 2,600 4,800
Brandon Moss 1B/OF 5,200 4,000 5,400
David Ortiz 1B 5,400 4,700 5,500
Lucas Duda 1B/OF 4,100 3,500 4,600
Jason Kipnis 2B 4,900 3,800 5,150
Rickie Weeks 2B 3,500 2,900 4,200
Tommy La Stella 2B 3,400 2,600 4,100
Evan Longoria 3B 4,600 3,600 4,850
Lonnie Chisenhall 3B 3,900 2,800 4,750
Mike Moustakas 3B 3,700 3,100 4,400
Josh Rutledge SS/2B 4,000 3,100 4,350
Dee Gordon SS 4,500 3,300 5,000
Marwin Gonzalez SS  2,900 2,500 4,150
Andrew McCutchen OF 5,900 5,000 5,850
Carlos Gomez OF 4,900 4,400 5,100
Alex Gordon OF 4,300 3,100 5,000
Matt Joyce OF 3,900 3,200 4,800
Josh Harrison OF/3B 3,900 2,600 4,500
Dayan Viciedo OF 3,700 2,600 4,650
Alfredo Marte OF 3,200 2,200 3,500
Jim Adduci OF 2,700 2,200 3,500


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