There is no denying daily fantasy sports (DFS) any longer. There are over 50 sites currently running daily fantasy games and more and more new players are signing up every single day. Hopefully you’ve been listening to the Fantasy Alarm Daily Show Monday-Friday at 6 PM ET on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. If so, you already know that Ted Schuster and I have been helping so many new players win some very hefty payouts across the DFS industry. The DFS Playbook on the Fantasy Alarm website is my exact list of players you should consider playing in that week’s games. So whether you are a regular DFS player, new to daily or just considering taking the plunge, here are some basics principles that every player should abide by.

1) Get comfortable

• Don’t deposit a single dollar before you are comfortable with the website layout, the interface and the scoring format. Most sites offer free contests every single week and it is strongly suggested that you take advantage of these before you make a deposit.

2) Use Promo Codes

• When you are ready to deposit into your account, make sure you are taking advantage of the very best promo codes and deposit bonuses that each site has to offer. Check in at Fantasy Alarm for the absolute best bonus codes in DFS.

3) Don’t Chase The Millions

• It’s easier said than done, but don’t fall for the marketing of these sites that push the million dollar prize pools every week. Unless you simply don’t care about losing money, you’ll need to build your bankroll in the beginning. To do this you should be playing 50/50 games (commonly referred to as double ups) and head to head contests.

• A simple rule to set for yourself is to not join any guaranteed prize pools (GPPs) until you have won the amount of an entry fee playing cash games. Treat it as a reward for your success at cash games and that way you’ll keep your bankroll out of harm’s way.

4) Only Risk What You Can Afford To Lose

• The general rule of thumb is to never have more than 10% of your bankroll in play at any given time. Stick to this rule and you’ll be able to sustain more losing nights in DFS.

5) Find The Overlay

• Perhaps the biggest key in DFS is improving your odds any chance you get. “Overlay” is when the guaranteed prize pool exceeds the amount of entry fees collected for a tournament.

6) Do Your Research

• To win in daily fantasy football, you are going to need to outwork your opposition. Finding projections that you trust and matching them up against team defensive rankings is a great place to start.

• Decide on an anchor for your team. If you really love Peyton Manning’s matchup and are sure that he will have the most fantasy points, then put him in there.

• Find value plays by cross-referencing playing time with the player’s salary each week. By pinpointing the best values of the day, you will allow yourself the ability to use more studs and thus more high-end production.

The great thing about daily fantasy football is that it is just like the seasonal variety, except you don’t have to live with the consequences of injuries or bad performances. If you follow the simple guidelines above and visit the Fantasy Alarm website, you will already be ahead of the majority of the competition.