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There is nothing better than daily fantasy sports (DFS). Well ok, maybe food, water, shelter and all of that but none of that will have you on the edge of your seat sweating out the final bonus time of a World Cup match.

You haven’t played World Cup DFS yet? Well if you thought that the final minutes of the U.S. and Portugal was exciting (or heartbreaking) that was nothing. The folks over at StatClash are offering several different World Cup games for the new round of 16 and the prizes are fantastic.

For just $10 you can get into the $1000 World Cup Equalizer where the top 16 get paid. This is a great starter tournament in which the top prize awarded will be $280.

StatClash is also offering a $100 entry $7500 World Cup Shootout for those of you who think you know what you are doing or just want some more excitement in the next round of games.

The setup of each contest is very similar and breaks down like this:

1) Check The Scoring

  • 5 Points for Goals
  • 4 Points for Assists
  • 2 Points for Shots
  • .75 for Crosses
  • .50 for Corner kicks
  • 1 Point for Fouls Won
  • -5 Red Card
  • -2 Yellow Card


2) Goalie Scoring

  • 5 Points for Shutout
  • 5 Points for Penalty Kicks Saved
  • 4 Points for Win
  • 4 Points for Assist
  • 2 Points for Tie
  • 2 Points for Saves
  • 1 Point for Fouls Won
  • -5 Red Card
  • -2 Yellow Card
  • -2.50 for Goals Allowed


3) Select your lineup (11 Total Players)

  • 2 Forwards
  • 1 Forward/Midfielder
  • 3 Midfielders
  • 1 Midfielder/Defenseman
  • 3 Defenseman
  • 1 Goalkeeper


It’s as easy as that to get into these exciting World Cup DFS events. Come out and play again me to see what you are made of. After all, we know that Baseball, Football or Basketball haven’t been kind to you competing against me but Soccer just might be your sport. In fact, I will give you my exactly StatClash lineup so that you have no excuses not to shut me up.


Here is my lineup for the $1000 World Cup Equalizer this weekend:


Goalie: Julio Cesar – Brazil

Forward #1: Eduardo Vargas - Chile

Forward #2:  Hulk – Brazil

Midfielder/Forward: Joel Campbell – Costa Rica

Midfielder #1: Carlos Pena - Mexico

Midfielder #2: Georgios Karagounis - Greece

Midfielder #3: Juan Cuadrado – Columbia

Midfielder/Defenseman: Neymar – Brazil

Defenseman #1: Christian Gamboa – Costa Rica

Defenseman #2: David Luiz – Brazil

Defenseman #3: Pablo Armero – Columbia


If you think that you can do better go ahead and join either contest with me: 

Good luck in all your DFS Games this week!! 

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