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There are some DFS players who don’t like to divulge their real, entire lineups. I really don’t understand the reasoning behind this other than there is something to hide. The goal of our advice here on Fantasy Alarm is to inform, educate and demonstrate to our readers exactly how to win at fantasy sports. The daily games are no different.

After a tough Sunday-Tuesday I had a strong showing on Wednesday which I credit to getting back to basics. By “basics” I mean cash games. I found my early season success (and profits!) lead my mind to want more and thus entering big tournament after big tournament. Despite cashing (minimally) in a couple of Fanduel qualifiers, I lost money with that strategy. Thus, I rallied to cash in 4/5 double ups last night in large thanks to big HR’s by Jayson Werth and Junior Lake. Oh, and in two of those despite the atrocious performance by Jordan Zimmerman.

Tonight I am once again rolling with double ups mostly though I am doing the $109 prize-pool PFBC Streak to the Mansion Satellite over on StarStreet. The following are my best lineups on Fanduel, DraftKings & StarStreet.



P – David Hale (Braves) - $4400 – I can’t pass him up at this price. I actually like Mejia a lot tonight as well but he is $1K more on Fanduel so I’ll take the bargain here.

C – A.J. Pierzynski (Red Sox) - $2700 – I am playing him across the board tonight. My sense is that he will take Pineda deep tonight.

1B – Edwin Encarnacion (Blue Jays) - $4100 – Just using some salary here honestly.

2B – Jose Altuve (Astros) - $3600 – I don’t love the 2B situation tonight so I’ll play it safe with Altuve here.

3B – Brett Lawrie (Blue Jays) - $2900 – Lawrie struggled to start the season but hit his first HR last night. I like him vs the LH tonight.

SS – Alexei Ramirez (White Sox) - $3600 – It’s hard to ignore his 4-5 history against Danny Salazar.

OF1 – Jose Bautista (Blue Jays) - $4800 – Can you tell I like the Blue Jays tonight?

OF2 – Jacoby Ellsbury (Yankees) - $4300 – Always play a player going against his former team.

OF3 – Carlos Gomez (Brewers) - $3900 – 10-31 with 2 HR career versus Cliff Lee.

ALTERNATE – 2B – Ryan Raburn (Indians) - $2300 – Kills left handers and is likely to continue his mastery of John Danks (11-35, 3 HR’s).


P1 – R.A. Dickey (Blue Jays) - $11,000 – I hate this price but don’t want to miss on pitchers tonight.

P2 – Jenrry Mejia (Mets) - $7400 – Remember how I said I like both Hale & Meija tonight? I’ll take Mejia here on DK and save myself the $1300.

C – A.J. Pierzynski (Red Sox) - $3000 – Playing him everywhere.

1B – Nick Swisher (Indians) - $3700 – Swisher is 6-18 career against John Danks and has a .400 OBP & .850 OPS versus left handed pitching.

2B – Jose Altuve (Astros) - $3800 – See above.

3B – Brett Lawrie (Blue Jays) - $3700 – See above.

SS – Alexei Ramirez (White Sox) - $4800 – See above.

OF1 – Jose Bautista (Blue Jays) - $4800 – Love them Jays!!

OF2 – Jacoby Ellsbury (Yankees) - $5000 – An aggressive spend here but remember you get 5 points for a SB on DraftKings.

OF3 – Ryan Raburn (Indians) - $2800 – The value play of the day.


P1 – David Hale (Braves) - $18,600

P2 – Danny Salazar (Indians) - $20,900 – He’ll get a win tonight and 6 points is worth the spend here.

C – A.J. Pierzynski (Red Sox) - $5100

1B – Nick Swisher (Indians) - $5800

2B – Jose Altuve (Astros) - $6200

3B – Carlos Santana (Indians) - $6800 – Kills LHP and wanted to get him in a lineup tonight for sure.

SS – Jimmy Rollins (Phillies) - $6000 – Saving $800 here from Alexi Ramirez so I hope it is worth it.

OF1 – Jose Bautista (Blue Jays) - $8900

OF2 – Jacoby Ellsbury (Yankees) - $9100

OF3 – Ryan Raburn (Indians) - $4300

Utility – David Ortiz (Red Sox) - $7800 – Ortiz always comes up big in these Yankees/Red Sox games doesn’t he?


So there you go…full disclosure. Hopefully we all win a lot of money tonight but remember it is just one day. If you’re a serious fantasy player and DFS player you’ll learn to take your wins and losses in stride. Post your comments below or feel free to tweet me @Jeff_Mans 

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