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When you think about it, March is an incredible month. We celebrate more in the month of March then in November & December combined. Screw you, Santa…we’ve got March Madness!!


If you’re like me then I know you drank enough on St. Patrick’s Day. You partied your ass off on Spring Break too (hey, people in their 30’s & 40’s need spring break too!). But now it is time to get drunker than ever only instead of booze this is about basketball. College basketball my friends.


There are few fantasy sports better than the NCAA Tournament. Think about it. It lasts just four weeks, is simple to play, elicits school spirit from Harvard to BYU and gets more exciting with each passing round. Oh, and it pays you $1000 just for playing along. 


That’s right folks, Head 2 Head Sports has created the College Choose ‘Em Challenge (sounds kind of like Ralph Wiggum’s “I choo-choo-choose you” Valentine, doesn’t it?) in which you could cash out $1000 richer than you are right now. You can enter up to four teams for only $12.95 each. It’s easy to play too. All you do is pick one NCAA PLAYER (not team), from each of the twelve groups, who you think will score the most points. The team that has the most points at the end of the tournament wins the league prize!! The top 100 finishers overall also win prizes. Best of all is you can create a buddy league and compete against your friends and family. Nothing is better than dominating your friends, family and especially that jaghole who acts like he is Mr. College Hoops all year long.


I went through and chose my team this afternoon and am excited about who I took. Here is how I put my team together.

1) I filled out a bracket. Considering I have done this a dozen times already this year I could have just used one that I had already filled out but I am not as smart as you so why don’t you just leave me alone!!


2) Use this custom cheat sheet created by Fantasy Alarm President and fantasy legend Rick Wolf.

Excel 2010 | Excel 2003 | PDF |

Yeah, I don’t play fair so you wanna fight about it? All you have to do here is total up how many games you have each team playing and plug it into the spreadsheet. The player totals will fill up and bingo…you have your player selections for each tier. 


3) I also challenged some of my “friends” knowing full well I am going to kick their sorry asses. Bragging rights are currency in the fantasy sports industry people so judge not lest ye be judged.

That is basically it. Pretty easy huh? If I can figure it out there really is no excuse for any of you to not jump in and win your share of the cash.

If you are looking for lineup help too, for one you are a self entitled monster. Secondly, I don’t want to help you because I would like to win the money for myself. Lastly, isn’t choosing your own team the fun part of all of this? Lazy bastards…

Alright well considering you guys never listen to me anyways here is ONE of my lineups for the College Choose ‘Em Challenge. I have four lineups total which unfortunately is the most that Head 2 Head will let me because they are too damn fair. Here you go:


Tier 1

Doug McDermott – Creighton – The best player in college basketball this season will carry his team at least into the sweet sixteen. McDermott is the classic great college player who will be the third man off the bench in the NBA.

Tier 2

C.J. Fair – Syracuse – I am taking a bit of a risk here going against the duo of DeAndre Kane and Melvin Elim from Iowa State or the sure three game player in Aaron Gordon of Arizona. But Fair could ignite Syracuse to a deep run in this tourney and few will select him so it is worth the risk to me.

Tier 3

Russ Smith – Louisville – The entire world has Louisville marching into the final four this year and Smith will be the one carrying them there.

Tier 4

Xavier Thames – San Diego St – Thames is one of the best PG’s in the nation and I have SDSU making a deep run this year so it just works out perfectly here. I can already see Thames cutting down the net in Anaheim.

Tier 5

Adreian Payne – Michigan St. – So what if he spells his name wrong. The 6'10" Payne would’ve been an All-American candidate if not for a foot injury that sidelined him for seven games in January. I see a big finish to his career coming and am attaching myself to that train.



Tier 6

Cameron Bairstow – New Mexico – Another team I am expecting to make a run this spring. Bairstow is one of the best scoring/rebounding forces in college hoops and is a no brainer here. 

Tier 7

Alex Kirk – New Mexico – This is one of the tier what I have switched up in each entry I have done so far. Here I am simply going with the player that I have playing the most games in this tier and that is Kirk.

Tier 8

Treveon Graham – VCU – The biggest upside play in this tier is Iowa’s Roy Devyn-Marble but I am not biting on that. VCU should get three games in and thus Graham should outproduce his teammate Juvonte Reddic.

Tier 9

Josh Davis – San Diego St. – This is a risky pick because Davis is still recovering from a knee injury earlier in the year and I really like Aaron Craft from Ohio State as well. But I am going to trust my bracket and my surprise team of the tournament here in San Diego State.

Tier 10

Bryce Cotton – Providence – Another big scorer from a small school I believe Cotton dominates this tier quite easily.

Tier 11

Jordan Bachynski – Arizona St. – Nobody in this bracket really excites my loins but I’ll settle for a likely double/double or two from Bachynski.

Tier 12

Taylor Braun – North Dakota St. – I’m really tempted to go with Harvard swingman Wesley Saunders here but my fear of smart cause me to switch it to Taylor Braun. North Dakota will upset Oklahoma and I may be the only one with Braun on my roster so it is well worth the risk.


There you go, those are my picks for the great College Choose ‘Em Challenge over on Head 2 Head Sports. If you think you can do better, want to have some fun or want to strut your college hoops stuff join me over on Head 2 Head and let’s do this. Good luck!! 

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