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The following is an excerpt from the Fantasy Alarm Fantasy Baseball Guide Powered By Baseball Guys which is on sale now:


Playing “SMART” In 2014

Written By Glenn Colton


The key to winning fantasy baseball titles lies in one simple word - SMART. Smart is more than a word that means intelligent, it is a rules based system my fantasy sports partner and cohort Rick Wolf and I created to help fantasy baseball players do what we have been fortunate enough to do: Win!

The SMART system will help you design and manage your fantasy baseball team and maximize your chances of hoisting that trophy, getting a yoo-hoo shower, and boasting to your league-mates all winter long. Before delving into the details of the SMART system, allow me to digress with a warning, some bad news and some good news. Warning: the paragraphs below contain many Top Gun references - it is after all, the Colton and the Wolfman theme. The bad news: Rick and I were not very smart in 2013. We tried to be too clever and deviated from the system. Shame on us. We learned the hard way what Maverick and Goose learned in 1986 - never ever leave your wingman.

The SMART system and coordinate Rules of Engagement exist for your safety and the safety of your fantasy baseball team. Deviate from them at your own peril. The good news is that Rick and I did something very smart in advance of this fantasy baseball season - we joined forces with an incredibly talented group of people at Fantasy Alarm. We now have the privilege of working side by side with the likes of the great Ray Flowers (aka the “Oracle”) and the incomparable Jeff Mans (who defies any single nickname) - experts who no doubt will further maximize the chances that our readers and radio listeners reach the fantasy baseball promised land in 2014. Ok, enough blather.

What is SMART? Answer: An acronym that stands for Scarcity, Management, Anchor, Relievers, Team. How each of those key concepts work is detailed below. As you will also see below, since winning back-to-back titles in USA Today’s LABR league - the granddaddy of all the expert leagues - Rick and I have added the Rules of Engagement to our SMART system to make sure that we never ever leave our wingman again.



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