As I sit here listening to Kelly Clarkson belt out Christmas songs, and I have zero shame saying I’m a fan, it must be the right time of year to start cranking out Player Profiles for the 2017 MLB Draft Guide from Fantasy Alarm. Either that or I just listen to holiday songs all year long. Which would be worse? Holiday songs all year or unabashed Kelly Clarkson fandom? You can decide that one.

Back to what you are here for.

The Player Profile Series is a staple of my work at Fantasy Alarm.

A player is traded. I write a Player Profile.

A player is called up from the minors. I write a Player Profile.

A player starts off white hot, out of nowhere, and everyone wants to know what is up with him? I write a Player Profile.

A player just sucks eggs early on and people don’t get it. I write a Player Profile.

All of that happens in season all year long at Fantasy Alarm.

However, we’re at a different point of the season, actually we’re before the season is even a...

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