A couple of years ago I wrote a piece just like this one, albeit in a truncated form. I tried to point out the ideal direction to go with your backstop, especially with the focus on second catchers, and how you should attack that spot. I’ll take a new look at the same idea in this piece after taking a look at the performance of the position last year.

*Note: The average for the catching position last year was a .243 batting average, .310 OBP and .393 SLG. None of those numbers were league average. Per 400 at-bats the average for the catcher position was 12.8 homers, 51.3 runs batted in and 43.8 runs scored.


No catcher appeared in 150 games.

Last season only three catcher eligible players appeared in 140 games: Yadier Molina, Buster Posey and Jonathan Lucroy.

Only six other catchers appeared in 130 games.

That means there were only nine catchers who appeared in 130 games last season. That means only nine catchers in baseball missed less than a month of...

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