Sometimes ideas are complicated.

Sometimes the formulation of ideas can become sticky.

Sometimes the computations needed to put these ideas in motion can cause nausea, disorientation and the feeling that you should have paid much more attention in school.

Triple ERA, or TERA, is nothing like that.

If you can add and divide, and I’m sure you can, it’s pretty simple to compute. Would have to think that the concept is pretty straight forward too. Let’s dig into it.


ERA has flaws but it’s engrained in our baseball psyche. It ain’t going anywhere, and we totally understand what it represents (well most of us do).

Component ERA, or ERC, uses hits and walks instead of earned runs to speak to the performance of a pitcher. It’s read the same way as ERA. In essence, it speaks to the balls that are put in play by batters and tries to minimize the reliance on bullpens and defense.

Defense Independent Pitching Stat, or DIPS, says that a pitcher’s skill level has...

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