So, I’ve smashed your dream of using a top-whatever list. I can’t leave that void in your life, so allow me to fill it with the correct way to put together a draft list.

The best way to put together a draft list is the tiering model.

Before we get to that directly though...

This Guide has positional rankings for mixed leagues, AL and NL-only setups. You can find them here. If you look at those rankings you will see, on the far left side, a RANK and TIER tab. You will also notice that there are colors associated with the different tiers. This article will explain what those tiers mean, and why they matter.

Tiering is a model used to rank players by putting "like" performers on the same level or tier.

Though such a simple concept, it is hard for some people to grasp this idea because many out there, in fact nearly everyone, has an inescapable need to draft the “best player” with every pick (am incorrect thought discussed in detail in Why No Top-Whatever List?). The...

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