Let me be blunt. It’s not 1993. It’s time to push our level of thought forward. That means getting rid of the idea that a top-whatever list matters. It doesn’t.

I never use a top-whatever list to put a team together on draft day. Never. You might as well just use an ADP list if you want to draft that way. It’s outdated thinking to believe this is a viable way to draft. It’s simply not. I understand why it seems like it makes sense to draft this way, with a top-whatever list that puts all the players on one continuum. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it makes sense. Why wouldn’t you always want to take the best player available? Hopefully this article will explain to you why this line of thought can get you into a lot of trouble on draft day.

Let’s look at this with a couple of simple examples.

It’s your pick on draft day.

You look at your top-whatever list.

The top guy left is player 166.

So, you grab 166. Makes sense, right?


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