We’ve got all kinds of articles about pitcher’s skills in the Draft Guide. This article is a quick reference look at how you can augment the numbers with some winning ideas that others aren’t looking at.


I’ve mentioned this one elsewhere, but I want to hammer it home. Win-loss records generally don’t tell you jack about a pitcher’s skills. Don’t be swayed by the record. Honestly, block it out of your mind. Talent, consistency and durability will lead to wins. That’s what you need to focus on.


It’s not just win-loss records that you should gloss over. Let me be clear here. It’s not that numbers that we generally look at don’t matter, of course they do, but categories like WHIP and ERA only tell part, perhaps a small part, of the story.

I say it all the time – you want to focus on strikeouts, walks and grounders to start with. Remember those three categories when you quickly glance at a pitcher. Also, other...

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