Back in 1974 Tommy John underwent surgery that would save his career and change the face of baseball. Forever known as Tommy John surgery, when a player jacks up their elbow they have the procedure that bares the lefties name. This piece will talk about the surgery, an alternative possibility, who has had the surgery and what the prospects are for hurlers returning from the procedure.


There is no definitively established reason as to why some players end up needing the surgery while others do not. Some possibilities that can be considered would include (a) the physical structure of the player (i.e. their genetics), (b) throwing mechanics (c) wear and tear, i.e. heavy or long-term usage, (d) extreme exertion while throwing, i.e. throwing at 100 percent, (e) throwing too many pitchers at a young age, (f) year-round training and throwing. All of these factors likely have some bearing on whether or not a player ends up having to make...

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