Back in the old days all that mattered with a pitcher was wins, ERA and strikeouts. We’ve moved past that at this point, after all a real estate mogul/reality TV star is now the President of the United States, so we are prepared to look deeper, beyond the surface numbers when analyzing player performance. In this entry for the Draft Guide we will look at ERA and the various variations that have sprouted from it. What do these new measures mean? How are they useful when ruminating about pitchers and what they have to offer in fantasy baseball?


FORMULA: (Earned Runs / Innings Pitched) X 9

Here’s a quick rundown of ERA.

It’s not a very good measure of effectiveness.

Earned runs is what ERA is based on (genius I know).

Earned runs result from facts that are often beyond the control of the pitcher. Is it fair to punish a pitcher for these various issues (which will be discussed below)?


FORMULA: ((IP*2.4) +...

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