We’re all into acronyms in fantasy baseball. Terms like WAR, BABAIP and GB/FB etc. are all the rage. I think we should add another one, SWIP, to the mix. I’ve been extolling the virtues of SWIP for years, since I “invented it” (true story), and given it’s simplicity and importance, getting right to the heart of the matter, I’m just not clear why it hasn’t caught on. Regardless, the fact that it hasn’t is a good thing for you since you’ve found the Fantasy Alarm Draft Guide and are now reading about SWIP – which if I’m being honest is the same idea as the K/BB ratio that we all know and love. It won’t change your world or anything, but it should help you to evaluate pitchers.


We can all agree that strikeouts are good and walks are bad, right? I hope everyone is nodding their head yes. If you aren’t nodding, the question is why? Seems pretty obvious to me, so I’m just going to push ahead like we are all in agreement.

Therefore, why don’t we do something very...

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